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4th Mar 11 14:55
The injuries were all at the head, neck and chest. There was a feeling that there was a deliberate attempt to kill the protesters, not to frighten them.There did not seem to be much firing o
14th Jan 11 15:00
More than 500 people are now known to have died in floods in south-eastern Brazil, the country's worst natural disaster for several decades.Heavy rain has led to massive mudslides hitting se
10th Jan 11 12:07
Inside the charge point factoryThe BBC's Brian Milligan is attempting to drive an electric Mini from London to Scotland, using only public charge points.Just before Christmas, the
7th Jan 11 15:06
A memo written by an NI Water executive three days before the water crisis said the organisation was well placed to deal with any loss of supply.The document which details how the organisati
7th Jan 11 15:01
The chief executive of an industry body which coordinates assistance for UK water operators has said it was not asked to help NI Water until New Year's Eve. Pamela Taylor from Water UK said
13th Dec 10 12:02
wot is your faverit s.m.g ? My faverit s.m.g is the ak-74uw is your faverit l.m.g ? My faverit l.m.g is the saww is your faverit launcher ? My faverit launche
10th Dec 10 14:42
do u think scotland can go independent ?wot do u think woud happen ?do u think we would have trouble with supplys ?do u think england will struggle without us?
19th Nov 10 14:49
Do you think Black Ops can be better?What do you think is good about Black Ops?What can they improve ?What are the missions like ?What is live like with new gun
15th Nov 10 12:18
Environmental PollutionEnvironmental pollutants from many different sourcescontaminate water, air, and land, putting humans andecosystems at risk, and often pitting people against indus
29th Oct 10 15:00
Drive green and you'll avoid higher fuel costs, and the £8 daily congestion charge if u live in london. You'll also benefit from lower rates of company tax and cheaper road tax.But are they
25th Oct 10 12:05
what do u think about global warming and envromentel disasters?what do u think we can do to decrease the risk of envromentel disasters?what can Europe do to cut back on our polluti
1st Oct 10 15:12
how woud u fell if u got a new tattoo and 30 years later it was all rinkly
24th Sep 10 15:01
Today we played a game which involved tying a knot or 2 in 3 ropes and you had to untangle it, with members of my team. Without letting go of your handle you had to go through holes and over other peo...
17th Sep 10 14:52
woud u still get black ops if u no that some people stopped working for cod ? i will still because it dose not mater how makes the game it is all about the graphicsand how it cose with the g
10th Sep 10 14:55
14th Jun 10 12:17
British Surrender - With daybreak and Government House surrounded, under sniper fire and the Amtraks approaching, Governor Hunt attempted to negotiate. Faced with the overwhelming forces at Adm Busser...
4th Jun 10 14:50
This weekend on roune scape i am going to give away 10k to the first 3 people who can get me the most steel bars in 1 hour starting at 5pm to 6pm and if you need help with money or wepon just ask mss1...
10th May 10 14:44
at the weekend on rounescape i made more than 1milion gold peces by cuting oak and willow trees and selling them at the g.e if u start a rounescape acount and adme i will get u armer,wepons and i will...
1st Mar 10 14:38
on rounscape i made 41k but i spent it on iron bars to get mu smithing levil up but now i wish i did not i need as much mony i can get to make strenth poshens if u have a rounescape i am looking for l...
1st Feb 10 14:43
thes past weeks i have tryd 2 get all of my achevments on M W 2 it is verry hard i am stuk on the 1 ware u get to the fule stashon on clith hanger without killing a gard or alerting 1 i can get half w...
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