30th Sep 11 12:29
Our star of the week is the cat in the hat. She was voted for by the class because of she super singing. She is singing a wee solo in our joint singing with Champion Chimps. She had gone home and prac...
23rd Sep 11 12:00
A new friend joined our class this week - Benny! He had been so impressed with some of our writing that he gave some of us a sweetie as a reward. This week we were learning why it is so imp
23rd Sep 11 11:56
Our star this week is koolkid10. We chose him because he has become the first Primary 5 child to become Tanshall FM's star reporter! He has been doing radiowaves for a few weeks and has written lots o
19th Sep 11 21:08
We have been looking at volcanoes this week. Here are some of the things we found out:- some people choose to live near a volcano- when they explode poisonous lava and gas escape-
14th Sep 11 14:48
Our star of the week this week is artgirl. She is a hardworking, cheerful girl who keeps us smiling all week long. She always tries her best and is helpful to others too. Well done!
12th Sep 11 22:23
Our star of the week is charliedog1. She has the job of handing out the netbooks and putting them away safely and sensibly in the class. She does a fantastic job - we can get all 30 out in under 3 min
9th Sep 11 09:22
We have been learning all about hurricanes this week. It has been fun. We went on the computer and found out lots of facts about hurricanes and we made notes about what we found. A hurricane
2nd Sep 11 14:43
Ilikecats - she has worked hard all week, behaved really well and contributed to class discussions - well done!