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Around Europe in 52 Weeks
What people are doing for the prom. 5 months to go!
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7th Feb 08 15:05
Once again its the voice it meeting, sat here in F49 with the spotlights on chilling!

Sweaty and smelly Y7's made this room stink, no really it is

At the moment i am writing this blog and putt...
1st Feb 08 18:44
Well its Friday night and I am sat in doing coursework :( oh well, not long to go now till I finish school. Week 1 Norway of my 'Around Europe in 52 Weeks' will be entered onto the site on Monday 4th ...
28th Jan 08 19:44
A good urned rest over the weekend and alot of beechams cold tablets I am back on my feet again and ready to tackle the pile of coursework which has piled up :(
26th Jan 08 14:28
I managed to survive the cold months of November and December, but now January has given me a cold! :(. Just what I wanted
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