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13th Jul 12 13:12
This time I think 4RG are the luckiest of all as they've had time to look at both SG's and AT's attempts before making their own posters. We can now compare 4RG, 4AT and 4SG and how they have presente...
10th Jul 12 14:48
My race was about to begin when suddenly I stopped. I love Olympic games because I like boxing and football. Also I like the Olympic torch because it’s very interesting. Also it’s cool to see people...
5th Jul 12 10:43
School is important because you get a good education. If you go to school and work hard you can get into a good college and have a good job when you’re older. Some people don’t try hard at school
12th Jun 12 11:45
Yesterday we were working on our descriptions in Literacy and trying to be so clear that other people could guess the object we were describing. Here are some examples, can you guess them?It
6th Jun 12 16:10
Here is a very special opportunity to someone who remembers to log on to the blog this holiday.I'm beginning to set up a new blog for next year which allows us to do even more exciting thing
31st May 12 14:09
As part of our 70s week we have been exploring the popular music from this era. The children then created a mash up using sections from different songs to make a new one.To make this even mo
23rd May 12 18:50
The prompt this week is:The prompt this week is to write a piece of persuasive writing. It can be to tell people about the 100WC and why they should join in or vote for it or something compl
20th May 12 22:53
So it is finally here, our next creative week! I am hoping to use the blog post throughout the fortnight for you all to add bits and pieces as you learn it!Each day (or whenever you can) you
20th May 12 22:39
I have been promising to include some links that I have been showing you for a week or two now so here you go!The blog by the 9 year old girl about her school dinners can be found here:
20th May 12 22:04
After such an exciting response from people reading our blog last week we decided to continue with our Red Riding Hood stories individually and this time make them scarier than ever.Some of
20th May 12 20:49
Ok so we thought it would be interesting to have a little bit of a competition between 4AT and 4SG and how they have presented their information about longboats. This meant in a helpful way so that w...
13th May 12 11:51
This week in History we were learning about Viking Longboats and trying to design a poster to tell everyone about them. Some of our posters aren't as eye-catching or easy to read as others so we might
13th May 12 11:30
My Literacy class have been working on using adventurous words in their writing last week. They were then given the task of turning Red Riding Hood into a stomach-churning tale! We only just got it st...
9th May 12 19:17
Adjectives are describing words. If I say "Tom is playing with a red ball." then the word red describes the ball. Write a poem by repeating the first line but each time adding another adjective.<
9th May 12 12:05
We decided to try our own 100 word challenge today after reading some others during Guided Reading. As a class we each suggested 1 idea for the story and then worked together to edit it down to 100 wo...
8th Mar 12 17:52
So it is the first week of us joining the world wide blogging challenge and it's our job to make sure we comment on http://soleilsun.edublogs.org/ and http://bhaley.edublogs.org/ as these are the two
5th Mar 12 21:54
During our Africa Creative Week year 4 used the story Handa's Surprise to explore African fruits. They also recreated the story using stop-frame animation.
5th Mar 12 21:44
Aiden wrote me a fabulous description in Literacy and I really wanted to share it with everyone! He was very brave and has used the voice recorder to read his work, it's difficult when you're not used
27th Feb 12 08:37
2/3/12Well done to Joseph, Callum H, Ashwin, Nikki, Mohammed, Ellie, Tor, Naa and Erin who all managed to join our 50 club last week. This means they answered 50 timestable questions correctly in
25th Feb 12 19:34
Who says Air Transport can't be creative!
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