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18th Apr 11 12:07
can't believe that britains got talent is back on and i think it is going to be very cool with the new judges david hasselhoff and the crazy funny one micheal. the only old girl new simon judge A
18th Mar 11 16:35
The red nose day TV !!The BEST!!!i love it you don't have to fight for what you want to watch fun fun fun. i love watchin Harry Hill TV burpWHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TV SHOW
7th Mar 11 20:09
My favourite animal is a giraffe because it is like me. The things that are the similar:I am tall the giraffe is tall. i have a long neck it has a very long neck. It has yello
9th Feb 11 19:51
My blog is about blogs which talk about blogs. Do you like blogs?Do you have your own blog?Do you like my blog? What titles do you want to read in a blog, give me suggest
10th Jan 11 19:17
Today is the 10th january monday 2011. tomorrow is my big day i am going to the o2 arena to sing there with my choir in whithurh junior school. hope me the best. the hard thing is i am losing my voice
3rd Jan 11 15:16
A cowboy when to the barn on Friday and stay there for 3 days then came back on Friday. how is this posible? What did he do?
27th Apr 10 14:55
5HL is a great place to be and a funny loving class.
Be friends share secrets we promise to keep a secret.
girl are the best in the class but the boys can be little mad but funny.
They all work togeth...
8th Dec 09 17:07
Monday is a day for love
Tuesday is a day for doves
Wednesday is a day for treats
Thursday is a day where you eat meat
Friday is a day for school to end
Saturday is a day is party
But Sunday i...
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