22nd Feb 16 09:28
P5 have successfully updated their passwords and looking forward to getting to grips with all that Makewaves has to offer. This is just a short demonstration Blog to remind everyone what to do.
22nd Aug 14 11:11
We have been very busy during the first three epic days in P4 with Miss Tindal. On the very first day we made bunting with pictures of ourselv and other information that is all about us. We also colou...
14th May 14 23:32
This isn't a music review or anything like that but tonight someone asked what my favourite song was. I had to really think hard about it so while I was thinking about it I decided to write this blog ...
10th Mar 14 21:01
on saterday i went out to wok my dog. my dog is called Murphy. He is a blak labrador. i took Oliver out for the walk too. he went on his trike. I had to push him but the trike has a handle for pushing...
14th Feb 14 00:21
Excitingly, the St P's teachers spent the in-service day learning about Big Writing and we can't wait to try some of the wicked writing games out with our studious pupils. Scarily I can't quite believ...
7th May 13 20:57
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7th May 13 20:48
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5th May 13 22:14
I think the school will be really quiet next week with most of our P7 pupils away for a residential trip. This is the first time ever that I have been in school while the 7s have been away so it will ...
22nd Mar 13 19:07
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22nd Mar 13 19:07
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22nd Mar 13 19:06
22nd Mar 13 19:05
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22nd Mar 13 19:05
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22nd Mar 13 19:05
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22nd Mar 13 19:03
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25th Feb 13 13:38
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22nd Feb 13 21:59
So far Mrs Campbell and myself have been busy planning lots of fun things with P5 to help fundraise for Comic Relief. We are hoping to involve the whole school. We even thought we would ask our head ...
20th Feb 13 23:39
On Tuesday 19th February I brought Ollie into school as I has some work I needed to do. He had a good look at all of the smiley faces in P5, there are a lot of them, but after a couple of minutes he s...
18th Aug 11 21:17
Well it is nearly the end of the first week back with a brand new P7 class to look after. There are lots of things to look forward to and today we had our first lesson with Mrs Rae to start learing ho...
23rd May 11 09:39
Hey everyone!On Friday I went to the Fife Institute with Dancer2323 and RockChick11. We didn't go in the pool for splashy but we watched for a while. It was really hot up at the top so t
16th May 11 09:41
Hi! On Sunday 15th May I went to my friend Graces little sister, Lucy's, birthday party. It was her 5th birthday and she had a bouncy castle at one of the halls in Leven leisure centre. I started play...
14th May 11 11:40
Hi everyone! This is xHarryPotterMadx and I'm going to tell you about sweets!Everyone I know loves sweets are there are so many different kinds! Some of my favourites are: Haribos,
5th May 11 20:46
Hi everyone! This is News 4 U! As you may have noticed, I am reporter of the month! It's great news for me and I am very happy!At school cccmb and Dr Who girl have made a competition in scho
4th May 11 18:04
I AM SO HAPPY!I was just In the ICT room at school working on a video with my teacher Miss Tee and my friend RockChick11 asked me "Are you reporter of the month?" I didn't know what
8th Apr 11 13:50
The 7th Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, is coming out on dvd on the 11th April but I got the dvd on the 8th April!!!My Mum pre-ordered it on Amazon for a late birt