18th Aug 11 21:17
Well it is nearly the end of the first week back with a brand new P7 class to look after. There are lots of things to look forward to and today we had our first lesson with Mrs Rae to start learing ho...
23rd May 11 09:39
Hey everyone!On Friday I went to the Fife Institute with Dancer2323 and RockChick11. We didn't go in the pool for splashy but we watched for a while. It was really hot up at the top so t
16th May 11 09:41
Hi! On Sunday 15th May I went to my friend Graces little sister, Lucy's, birthday party. It was her 5th birthday and she had a bouncy castle at one of the halls in Leven leisure centre. I started play...
14th May 11 11:40
Hi everyone! This is xHarryPotterMadx and I'm going to tell you about sweets!Everyone I know loves sweets are there are so many different kinds! Some of my favourites are: Haribos,
5th May 11 20:46
Hi everyone! This is News 4 U! As you may have noticed, I am reporter of the month! It's great news for me and I am very happy!At school cccmb and Dr Who girl have made a competition in scho
4th May 11 18:04
I AM SO HAPPY!I was just In the ICT room at school working on a video with my teacher Miss Tee and my friend RockChick11 asked me "Are you reporter of the month?" I didn't know what
8th Apr 11 13:50
The 7th Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, is coming out on dvd on the 11th April but I got the dvd on the 8th April!!!My Mum pre-ordered it on Amazon for a late birt
4th Apr 11 17:25
On the 2nd April 2011 it was my 12th birthday! I woke up at about 7:30 and opened my presents from my Mum and Dad. I got hair straighteners, a book called Shiver (Don't get it mixed up with the s
1st Apr 11 20:17
How was your April Fools Day this year?In our class 2 people said pretended to get angry at our teacher and Miss Tee (Our teacher) pretended to shout at them and get them in trouble and they fina
29th Mar 11 21:19
On Monday 28th March 2011 my class and Miss Close's class went to the creative dance festival and each class performed their dance that they have been learning for the last few weeks. Everyone did a g...
29th Mar 11 11:14
This is News 4 U!I am very excited as my birthday is only 4 days away! My friend Grace is going to stay over on my birthday, so I'm sure I'll have a great time!My teacher Miss Tee, has been
23rd Mar 11 19:52
This blog is about one of my favourite actresses Evanna Lynch.Evanna Lynch plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films. She is only in the 5th-7th films but her name is mentioned in the 4th fil
22nd Mar 11 09:13
Hi and this is News 4 U! As you are probably aware of, there has been a disaster in Japan as there has been an earthquake and a tsunami. There are some charities you can give money to, to help th
3rd Mar 11 16:09
As you may have noticed I have made a 3d Text picture for my user picture (I didn't have my banner for long because I have been looking around websites) and it's so easy to use!Just follow this l
2nd Mar 11 19:54
As you may have noticed my profile picture is a banner and I know how you can get one!It's easy you can type in this: http:/
28th Feb 11 09:52
Hello! This is News 4 U! Today I'm going to tell you about my weekend and maybe some other things.On Saturday I went to gymnastics and after that I went to my Great-Aunties house. Her 1 year old
24th Feb 11 21:15
St Paul's was made a mem of the My World network this week. The pupils in my class are busy working on an introduction story about our school. They have been busy planning, writing scripts, interviewi...
21st Feb 11 09:31
Hello everyone and in this News 4 U, I will tell you about the February holiday. On Friday I went to Dr who girl's house at 10:00. We went to the little shop to get eggs for our lunch and then Dr
17th Feb 11 20:20
On Tuesday 15th February Miss Close and I met 12 of the drama club at the Odeon cinema in Dumfermline. We went to watch Tangled in 3D and we all really enjoyed it. I would give it 10 out of 10. Some o...
16th Feb 11 09:19
On the 15th February the drama group that Miss Tee runs, went to the Odeon cinema to see the new Disney film Tangled. I am in that drama group so I gave Dr who girl a lift to the cinema and we watched
12th Feb 11 09:33
Hello! If you are reading this, you will be reading a blog about how important it is to read.Some people may read big, thick, Harry Potter or Twilight books (Like me!) but not everyone has to rea
7th Feb 11 17:55
Hello this is xHarryPotterMadx and the floods are becoming so extreme, that I've decided to write a blog about it.Well most of the floods are happening in Australia as they are having a
7th Feb 11 15:47
Hi again! xHarryPotterMadx here and If you like magical stuff, you'll love this blog!Recently I think I've been seeing things, like people running but when I look more closely or when I
7th Feb 11 10:13
Hello everyone and this is News 4 U! At the weekend my sister Flamegirl went to Splash disco at the Fife Institute but I didn't go because I find it a bit boring now. While she was at splash disc
4th Feb 11 20:22
Hello everyone! I'm going to tell you about my friends.Friends are very important because if you didn't have friends you would be lonely all the time.My good friends are: SKATERGURL