29th Mar 11 21:19
On Monday 28th March 2011 my class and Miss Close's class went to the creative dance festival and each class performed their dance that they have been learning for the last few weeks. Everyone did a g...
29th Mar 11 11:14
This is News 4 U!I am very excited as my birthday is only 4 days away! My friend Grace is going to stay over on my birthday, so I'm sure I'll have a great time!My teacher Miss Tee, has been
23rd Mar 11 19:52
This blog is about one of my favourite actresses Evanna Lynch.Evanna Lynch plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films. She is only in the 5th-7th films but her name is mentioned in the 4th fil
22nd Mar 11 09:13
Hi and this is News 4 U! As you are probably aware of, there has been a disaster in Japan as there has been an earthquake and a tsunami. There are some charities you can give money to, to help th
3rd Mar 11 16:09
As you may have noticed I have made a 3d Text picture for my user picture (I didn't have my banner for long because I have been looking around websites) and it's so easy to use!Just follow this l
2nd Mar 11 19:54
As you may have noticed my profile picture is a banner and I know how you can get one!It's easy you can type in this: http:/