17th Apr 13 12:32
I had fun during the Easter holiday. I am only going to tell you about days I done exciting thing.Friday The first day of the Easter holiday I went to Edinburgh for a day out with my mu
1st Apr 13 20:25
Hi, I am missy123 and I am going to tell you how I got an Easter egg.Well, it was just an normal day but we were up at our local church celebrating Easter for Sunday (yesterday) and then Mr
19th Jun 12 14:46
I am blogging to say an enormous thanks for being a brilliant P6 teacher. I will miss you in P7!!!!!You have helped me achieve lots of stuff especially my maths, now I love maths thanks to you !!!!! :...
28th Mar 12 14:04
We are doing a topic on World War II. This is what I know so far : I know that Hitler was chancellor before WWII and band voting so that he could rule the world, that he invaded Belguim (which was a n...
11th Feb 12 14:53
The class I'm in is learning about politics . We made political partys . There is Queen of hearts ,Eco party ,SSC and TOP. I am in the QUEEN OF HEARTS!!!!! We have all made a petition . Our one is abo...
11th Feb 12 14:40
My best friends all rocks and cubbie123. The reason why I chose these people is because they're trust worthy. They are lots more best friends but it will take forever to type and read! I trust and ver...
6th Feb 12 14:26
On the the 25th of January every one in the class got a Rabby burns poem home for homework but only some people took part. The options of the poems my class had was To a Mouse , Scots Wha Hae an
2nd Dec 11 14:58
For Christmas what I want is an ipod touch . Also a my own suite case because I usually have to share one with my mum and little sister .I hope I get these things .
11th Nov 11 14:44
A lady came in called Mrs O' Conell from a library to say to all p6 classes at Torbain that there is a big book quiz and the women set us a challenge to read five books in a few weeks. So we had a boo...
11th Nov 11 14:36
My favourite program is the Simpson. My favourite person out of it is Bart Simpson. I would recommend this program to you. Why don't you try watching it. It is on at 6:00pm.
11th Nov 11 14:24
My favourite book is Dream Master Gladiator. I read it as a homework task. I would recommend this book to you. don't you bye it at Waterstones
2nd Nov 11 18:43
In term two so far I have had a brilliant time especially with Mrs Hood she is a brilliant teacher to have. I love p6 so far.
2nd Nov 11 18:36
On the second Tuesday during the October holidays I went to the time capsule with my mum ,sister and friends. I went on the sarmani and it was scary for the first time. I had a ...
2nd Nov 11 18:21
On Saturday 29th of October I had a Halloween party. I invited Kim,Keryn and Leah. I had great time. I was dressed up as the Corpse Bride. I had lots of horrific games and I hated them.
31st Aug 11 11:55
My group for my European topic is Spain. My partners are luckie dukie and lenard. So far we have found out the capital of spain which is Marrid and what countries border it. It has been great.