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2nd Feb 12 18:46
Well this year is it is only my 11th birthday but why am i having 5 birthdays read more and you will find out.Here is the list off my agenda for theeeee 5 birthdays1. I am having a
16th Oct 11 10:46
On the 8th of February 2011 it was my 10th birthday this year I got a purple blackberry as you can see in the picture. I was really surprised when I opened that present and I gave my mum a big hug I w...
14th Oct 11 19:59
Well today when I was up the town we went in the game shop so I could trade in some games and I also got Moshi Monster top trumps. Then we went to Primark and I got a new bedding its awesome. Then we ...
11th Oct 11 17:36
On Thursday when i was tidying my room I didn't want to but i had to. I just kept finding stuff it was very annoying because I kept playing with stuff and then having to put it away because then I can...
10th Oct 11 20:50
This week i have been going to the Holiday Club at the ST Columba's church. This years theme is meant to be creative. But the groups doesnt sound like creative groups the groups are : Wilma and eva's ...
21st Sep 11 17:25
On holiday i went the this amazingly epic water park. I went with my mum and my dad and i arrived at the water park at 10:45 am and arrived back at my hotel at 4:30 pm so i spent a wopping 5 hours and...
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