17th Sep 09 14:41
Today we went to have a tour around the 2012 Olympic Site.Our tour guide George was alongside to help us with any questions and to feed us information about where everything was going to be he kn...
17th Aug 09 17:28
16th Aug 09 22:50
Me and comic 4 Life went to the 02 arena watching Israel v Turkey and Team GB v Poland.When we first got there we played a little bit of basket ball outside while we wated for the gates to open and ge...
24th Jul 09 21:41
Today me and some other members of the Leyton S2R team were interviewing and taking pictures of young people at the awards ceremony for kids that have taken part in programmes that run at Leyton Orien...
2nd Jul 09 14:18
Today thre was an olympic conference in the Score centre people from all over Waltham Forest came to listen to it and was hoping to know a bit more about the 2012 Olympics right from the present up to...
2nd Jul 09 13:45
These are some peoples views on the day of sport and how they feel about the olympics and how it will affect London and the the youths.
11th May 09 23:20
Tonight was on of the best nights in my life.This evening at Leyton Orient there was end of the season awards for the players.When i first got there i saw people all dressed up smart proper looking bu...
9th May 09 19:01
9th May 09 18:57
This was the team i was supporting Great Dane. I didn't really understand it when they got a penalty but im glad that they scored it.
9th May 09 18:48
Me me getting my interview with one of the match officials.
9th May 09 18:35
Me just getting a few interviews with some players from both Great Dane and Olympia.I got a few rejections but that didn't stop me and I think these ones I got promising opinions from.
9th May 09 18:26
E17-RELOADED, Comic4life, and I arrived at the Leyton Orient SCORE centre to watch Olympia and Great danes face-off in a handball match.We didnt know what we were heading into, but we were looking for...
10th Apr 09 23:47
Our S2R Leyton stars are currently in Berlin for a hanball tournament and they are the crazii twins and the other crazi twiins.Apart from the handball there not bad at the interviewing either and repo...
8th Apr 09 19:35
At the celebration evening i was fortunate to get a medal,certificate,badge and a trophy.It was all for our hard work and blogging so far.
8th Apr 09 16:38
The very first thing we done when we got there was go on the laptop and have 10 minuets of free time from our LONG journey so me and E17-Reloaded did just that.Once the reporters that was chosen from ...
8th Apr 09 16:38
The very thirst thing we done when we got there was go on the laptop and have 10 minuets of free time from our LONG journey so me and E17-Reloaded did just that.Once the reporters that was chosen from...
8th Apr 09 16:27
From my previous visit to the bbc this time it was different we had a tour of where they do the radio.One the best things there was getting to meet bbc reporter and presenter Jake Humphrey.We was not ...
8th Apr 09 16:22
On the way to the marble arch me and E17-Reloaded had to meet Katy outside Leyton train station by 09:15 but we got there early.It took 13 stops to get there.It was a long tireing journey but we was s...
19th Mar 09 22:59
Today we whent to the theartre to watch a play called "Where is my desi soulmate" it was really funny and interesting.The characters played good parts and they was all more than one person.
27th Feb 09 21:51
All over now there is young reporters logging onto Radiowaves and there isnt really a reason why they shouldnt be.Being and becoming a reporter must be one of the most exciting things that could happe...
24th Feb 09 17:10
E17-RELODED commenting on why he likes radiowaves
24th Feb 09 16:52
These were the kids views of their favourite club PFS (Playing for success)
23rd Feb 09 22:32
Today me and some other members of S2R Leyton whent up to White Hart Lane (Tottenham).The first thing we done when we got there was meet some more people joining S2R but they wasnt S2R Leyton they was...
20th Feb 09 11:58
On Monday 23rd Febuary (3 days time) me E17-Reloded and Y.TiMAH are going to tottenham Hotsper to have a tour im not too sure yet what we are goin to do or who we are going to meet but im sure i wll b...
19th Feb 09 11:03
The past two days have been quite cool i have met alot of new people i will tell you about them in a minute.They have been there for three days but i have only met for two.There were six new peop...