11th May 09 23:20
Tonight was on of the best nights in my life.This evening at Leyton Orient there was end of the season awards for the players.When i first got there i saw people all dressed up smart proper looking bu...
9th May 09 19:01
9th May 09 18:57
This was the team i was supporting Great Dane. I didn't really understand it when they got a penalty but im glad that they scored it.
9th May 09 18:48
Me me getting my interview with one of the match officials.
9th May 09 18:35
Me just getting a few interviews with some players from both Great Dane and Olympia.I got a few rejections but that didn't stop me and I think these ones I got promising opinions from.
9th May 09 18:26
E17-RELOADED, Comic4life, and I arrived at the Leyton Orient SCORE centre to watch Olympia and Great danes face-off in a handball match.We didnt know what we were heading into, but we were looking for...