16th Oct 11 16:46
I'm really bored and I have no idea what to write. You tell me something to write about!? So tell me something to write about at the bottom of this page as a comment, and I will pick out the bes
11th Jan 11 18:04
Today from 5:30am - 9:45am there was a power cut. This meant that all electrical items e.g. Fridge, freezer, TV, Toaster, ALL lights weren't working. This was very unfortunate, especially on a school ...
15th Oct 10 14:42
What do you do during Halloween? Do you go out in fancy dress and come back home with loads of sweets? I just sit don't eating Popcorn, sweets and chocolates, whilst watching scary films!
16th Jun 10 11:18
I don’t know about you but I’m very excited because me and my class are going to see Billy Elliot the musical at the Victoria palace theatre in Central London! We’re going tomorrow and most of us exci...
11th Jun 10 22:18
Hey, since most of you that yr6 from riversdale are making a class production of The lion king!I get to be Nala!

Anyway, we just finshed painted the first half of our costumes with fabric paint. I us...
24th May 10 17:55
Thanks to another radiowaves user, I got onto this website,

You get to put effects on your pictures from your computer and they look great! Have a look at one I made earlier today.
24th May 10 17:10
Ronaldinho is a really good footballer lots of people like his signature move and can do it, but not captain101.
23rd May 10 18:15
Jason Derulo is by some people called "Micheal Jackson", (I don't think so) but thaat's what some people call him.
23rd May 10 17:48
Lady gaga is one of the most well known person on this planet:some peolpe like her and some people hate her.
22nd May 10 17:34
American superstar Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, on August 29, 1958, and entertained audiences nearly his entire life.

Sadly, he died on 25th June 2009, just before he was going to do a...
21st May 10 18:44
Ke$ha, I think everyone likes, because her debut single went straight to number one!
I like her single to it's called, "Tik tok".
21st May 10 18:35
I like some of Taylor swifts songs like, "Love story", and, "Fearless. I'm not mad for her, I just like some of her songs. She has a good voice.

Have a look at this video of "Love story" by Taylor sw...
2nd Apr 10 18:37
Glass Giant is a fantastic new website I found and made! All you have to do, when you get to the website is: Write down 3 words choose the colour of each word and the background Hope you enjoy th...
30th Mar 10 20:02
Do you like cascada? I'll set up a poll to see how many people like her and you will know to as well.
25th Mar 10 21:01
Copy these links to quizzes.
(For girls)
11th Mar 10 13:59
Here are some links to some videos I made.