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My report for Network News Day in the UK
See what the team got up to!
Our interviews about the school production!
Just a few questions about England's videos for Network News day!
Day 1 of Network News Week
A welcome from our team in England
3 year old girl dies
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21st Mar 11 12:32
HEY this is amazing ... it's so much funn !!!! its the best thing ever !!
21st Mar 11 10:04
Hey it's OUR day ... yay ... We are in bright green network news shirts ...funnwe are all looking forward to see what you bring to your day
20th Mar 11 18:58
GUESS WHAT.... IT'S NETWORK NEWS DAY IN THE UK !!!! WOOOP. :pso yes it our day. keep looking every chance you have got to see whats going on in our area :)i know i will all this we
11th Mar 11 08:56
well.. at school today we have a non uniform day where we get to wear our own clothes... it think u all know about thiss so i wont explain in detail . :)so wots everyone been up too reply do
2nd Mar 11 18:30
well.... its been a long time since i updated so it think its about time...:PRed nose day is coming up people .... I dont know if you have it in other countries so i will explain ....
7th Feb 11 14:05
ouch it hurts...iv had my injections today and my arm is killing me :P iv got a headache n a temperature, i feel tired and i have got aches and pains ... ALL the minor symptoms GREAT !!! NOT
24th Jan 11 13:33
Hey ! well it has been a glorious weekend! On saturday I spent the day with my friend Abi just catchin up :P And went to the Gym saturday night . then on Sunday I did a 9 mile walk !!! Fewww
19th Jan 11 14:51
Well it has been a weird day ... When i woke up thus morning, i woke up to find my neighbour dancing in their garden with no music... random. Then when I got into school i found my friend doing a hand
12th Jan 11 15:25
Hey :P I'm Ben, I go to Garforth Academy, I am 14 and in year 10. Hmm what to talk about ?... Well I live in England and it is mostly cold and raining here :L School is kinda cool because there i
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