11th Dec 09 21:13
Please help! Me, Rachel and Danielle need something to be obsessed about!! It can be a series of books or films . . . just anything!!
Leave your ideas in comments.
P.S.: It can't Har...
22nd Apr 09 16:24
By the way Rachel is Chocolate-luver 98! So, I just stubbed my toe on the table leg, and fell on to the table and my hands hit my project folder, and it moved and hit the pencil pot. It was funny at t...
4th Feb 09 15:59
South Parks FM has entered an eco competition, but i bet u've heard about that before! Thank You Darcy for the awesome slogan 'South Parks Rules, Pick Our School! Also, thanks to our marketing team Da...
20th Nov 08 19:20
Hey. Today was Grandparents Day, and our grandparents were looking at our work and stuff. Me, Danielle and Lisa were down in the ICT Suite, showing grandparents our new Radiowaves website. It was fun....
20th Nov 08 14:32
Hello! Welcome to my Radiowaves page. I just Radiowaves on Wednesday 19th November, and it is so cool!