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My Stories
InspireMark Projects from Cheshire and Warrington
This Video will give you all an insight into the Winter Olympics in Vancouver over the month of February. Mark Foster, Zac Purchase and Ade Adepitan
Our live radio broadcasts with the Canadian High Commissioner
A brief interview with the inspiring Karen Magnussen
Exclusive match access to the Vancouver Giants
S2R's adventures across Canada
This sport is not just for men
Interview with Nicki Kidd and Ali Bell
Just my entry to be entered into the Canada Trip
Interviews with fans and their views on this tournament
An interview with a fan, an official and a coach.
The day was a good expierence
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My Blog
23rd Nov 09 10:52
My aim is to be more confident in interviewing and to ask more appropiate questions. I'm doing this because by doing so I can get great interviews and make the interviewee more comfortable. ...
1st Nov 09 21:03
So, I awoke to find myself in a frozen, ice cold morning in Canada! We went to the usual place; breakfast at a hotel, pancakes, Omelettes and the occasional cup of 'Kwoffee'. We have st...
27th Oct 09 23:51

So here we are in the ‘Down Town’, Vancouver. We are staying in the Y.W.C.A youth hostel which is opposite the B.C. Place which is going to be the host for the opening and closing ce...
27th Oct 09 23:19
So after a tiring nineteen hours of travelling, we’re finally here in the heart of Vancouver. In the morning of Saturday, Dan, Sareda, her sister Sophia and I headed off for the train station do...
21st Sep 09 21:14
I recently- recently being an hour ago, recieved a e-mail from S2R telling me that I have been accepted to go to Canada! It's an amazing opportunity and I'm so grateful! (not to go on for some accepta...
16th Aug 09 15:21

For the Art's Award challenge we had to produce a radio programme about what we like, but most importantly what the viewers like. So in my team we had Sarah, Orla, Dan and me. We came up with things...
23rd Jul 09 16:52
On tuesday, Matt, Paige, Justin and me went down to Liverpool to get some interviews with a dance group so we can get more action in our video for the Northwest Showcase 2012. So we teamed up, me and ...
14th Jul 09 17:18
At the start of this course I was very conscience of my prestentation and communication skills. Listening back to the other pieces i have done before this Art's Award i was very hard to understand and...
4th May 09 01:44
 BSB Superbikes is an outstanding event for motorists around the world to come and race. This year it is being held at Oulton Park. It is a great opportunity to present my skills and proceed to t...
22nd Apr 09 19:07

The Live Events I would of like to do and got was BUPA Great Manchester Run event. I think it helped me achieve my goal which was to project my voice clearly and to ask decent questions. 
22nd Apr 09 18:08

Here is my action plan:
To ask appropriate questions and speak with more confidence and slower. I want to do this because it will make the interviewers understand me. It will also raise my confid...
21st Apr 09 23:33

I would like to attend the BUPA Great Manchester Run because it is Britains most 'prestigious' 10km runs. I think this will help me to achieve better interviewing and speech skills because the day...
20th Apr 09 22:53
Last week  me and James were asked to attend the Women's European Hockey Final. This was a great chance to show our skills and how we would cope with the constant deadlines. Overall the hockey ga...
15th Apr 09 15:06
                         Action Plan
Target- To produce good quality interviews...
13th Apr 09 02:35
This was a great chance to prove my skills that I have been learning from the last few weeks. Alan and I travelled to Derby to go and experience what it is like to be independant and interview people ...
25th Mar 09 11:50
Yesterday S2R had an amazing chance to have a tour around the BBC. A lady called Liza took us on this tour. She seemed very happy to see us and looked very impressed about the next generation of ...
23rd Mar 09 14:21
Today was a great day because it felt more natural in team work and getting used to the process of recording and editing etc. For the task today we had to record some voxpops on a topic of our choice ...
21st Mar 09 01:06
The first day was an eye-opener for me because really in the past I haven't considered a career or thought about where i wanted to be in 10 years. Of course when I was younger the obvious choices...
2nd Feb 09 17:17
Today I learned how to use the recording equiptment. It was very easy to pick up and I got straight to it. I also learned how to film the interview and where I should pick the right location to film. ...
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Janet Lennon says...
Hello Nicomi,

I am very impressed with your commitment and enthusiasm. You are obviously having the time of your life too!! - Well done and big hugs from Great Aunty Jan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
05 November 09
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Jamie J Campbell says...
Nicomi you have a very natural and professional interview style, anyone would think you had been doing it for years!!

Well done and keep up the good work !!

All the best

Jamie xx
04 November 09
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Barry Thomas says...
your enthusiasm shines through in your interviews
A star in the making well done Nicomi!
03 November 09
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Marian says...
Hi Nicomi, your Grandparents sent us the details of what you are up to. Hope you are enjoying the experience. Best wishes
01 November 09
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