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This is going to be a story on different pizza!!!!!!
This is going to be a story about sweets, different kida's sweets. And i hope you enjoy reading it.
More on this news flash with your reporters, CutieAngel and Noor!!!
Click here for more of this news flash!
By CutieAngel, black burd, Noor, Campion and Megan10! This is for our S2R badges!
I would talk about the sense that are around me?
If you have never trighed it well you should and you should RIGHT NOW !
The Wanted are one of the begest boy band , if you didnt know that now you do .
pandoara watited until epmaeith went to his room to make clay modles then she started to open the chest and she did after that when epimeaths came in he was so upset because she didnt lesen to him and not open the box but she did open it ON .
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16th Jun 13 13:30
Today is going to be a blog about Keep Calms and - Whatever you would like to put in.sorry i could only find these.comment down below.
14th Jun 13 19:49
First just to day happy father's day on Sunday 16th June 2013. What have you done for your dad/or going to do for him?Have you watched blue peter and made that pop up card or you own?Give you dad the ...
27th May 13 17:50
So what's your fav chocolate cake, bar,anything to do with chocolate even if it was a film or anything.What type of chocolate do you like?Just to let you know sometimes if your not in the mood you wa...
27th Apr 13 13:13
How to make a friend you want to make a friend you should be a good and kind/ generous person you have any top tips to be a good or perfect friend comment or write down below do you know how to be a g...
19th Apr 13 17:39
One Direction are the biggest boy band in the world. One Direction members are: Harry Edward Styles, Niall James Horan, Louis William Tomlinson,Liam James Payne and last but never least Zayan Javadd M
16th Apr 12 14:50
My name is Noor and i'm 10 years old and i made a guitar . I made it with a box and a kitchen roll and some wood from the teacher then we planed to make a orchestra i'm in mrs Stone's class.
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