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25th Feb 11 14:51
Today S2R reporters were fired left, right and centre at the Tottenham Hotspur's Stadium on White hart lane. The tour was a welcome relief of the One and a half hour commute to the White Hart lane tra...
20th Dec 10 10:51
Everyone Loves Christmas and so do I! I haven't been able to update my blog recently because of the amount of homework I have had; but now that it is the holidays I can sit back, relax, enjoy and mayb...
28th Oct 10 15:22
Today is the final day of the Primary S2R training and I can only say that I am quite sad to say that it is the final day. I have enjoyed helping them and have had a very enjoyable time. I can't belie...
28th Oct 10 11:09
I am helping the Primary School part of S2R Colchester West complete their final day of training. They are writing, completing, recording, editing and uploading vigorously and I only wish that I could...
26th Oct 10 13:25
Today I am helping the Year 5's complete their second day of training here at S2R Colchester West. They are enthusiastically trying their hardest to get their Vox-Pops, Stories and Interviews uploaded
25th Sep 10 17:30
Today, Saturday 25th September S2R Colchester West went to report on the Colchester United VS. Tranmere Rovers! It was an excellent match however I was slightly nervous about my very first report on a...
4th Jun 10 12:17
The last day here at the Imagine Centre here at Weston Homes Comunity Stadium! It has been a great week and I have enjoyed it so much!
4th Jun 10 10:01
Yesterday we went to the hub of the radio here in essex! The old house located in Chelmsford is where all the radio magic happens. We went for a very detailed tour of the BBC radio centre and asked qu...
2nd Jun 10 12:10
It is my second here at S2R and it is another amazing day! Before lunch Suzana got her picture taken and she looked rather evil a bit like the people on watchdog! Triston put the evil photo of Suzana ...
1st Jun 10 14:33
It is my first day here at the new Imagine Centre and I have just finished uploading my first Story all about the London 2012 games! I am very excited to be doing this and it is an amazing experience ...
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