12th May 12 14:26
Amazing scenery in the south westMany different cultures and historyEveryone who is American celebrates thanks givingRange rovers are in the U.S too In 1492 Christopher Columbus "d
6th May 12 12:55
When I was about 3 years old we were going to a restaurant but I decided to have a hair cut -I did it all by myself!... I cut off big amounts of hair and small amounts, then my mom came in and said "o
21st Apr 12 09:03
Me and my family went to Germany for a week. First we went to the Black Forest,we saw some beautiful waterfalls and very tall,but strait trees. We went toboganing wich is kind os like sl
14th Mar 12 12:24
In science with Mr.Gibson my favorite subject was...Floating and Sinking!!!!!! We got to predict what we thought would float or sink,we had different objects and three different liquids,then we
13th Mar 12 07:27
Preston street is lucky enough to be workin with the S.C.O, we will be working with them over the next few weeks.The S.C.O are working on turning a story into a piece of music!
12th Mar 12 19:23
Hello everyone,I'm pineapple1. Today I'm going to tell you some good things to know about Radiowaves... 1.Do not tell people your real name. 2.If you are about to
1st Feb 12 11:40
I am reading the Harry Potter books. I'm on the second book and the 12 chapter(the second book is the chamber of secerets.) I'm trying to get to the third book really soon because I want to read the w...
16th Dec 11 13:43
Moshi monsters is a online game where you can make friends play games and much more. If you are a member you can shake rox of trees once a week at the port and you can go to gift island where you can ...
11th Dec 11 08:43
In the classroom we are learning about the amazing rainforest. We are learning about the animals , deforestation, and how much we need the rainforest. In school we watched a video about tribes of the ...
11th Dec 11 01:47
RadioWaves is a school website so children in lots of different schools can... make blogs, write stories, and post your very own homework on radio waves!When you get a picture or make a blo
6th Dec 11 17:47
I take violin classes in school, our teacher is really nice. We play a game called musical statues and what you have to do is... Hold your violin properly and also your bow properly , and then you ha...
9th Nov 11 19:35
My favourite candy is milky ways and chocolateMy favourite breakfast : dippy eggs and toastMy favourite lunch: noodles milk and butter ( its really yummyMy favourite supper :scalloped
1st Nov 11 12:12
On Halloween I went trick or treating, and I went with somebody and somebody went with me. When we went trick or treating we went in an apartment building with 8 houses in each. I got 37 pieces of ca...
1st Nov 11 11:49
For Halloween I was a vampire , and at the school party I had lot of fun . When our class went outside for the games my favorite part was when , we stuck our hand in the green spaghetii. I really like...
22nd Oct 11 11:57
last night i went to a sleepover and we wached iron man 2 it was really good. There was iron man, and a guy that i dont know his name but he was the enemy of iron man and i liked him better beacause h...