29th Dec 11 00:02
My best friend is coming round to my house to play tomorrow. I think we are going to play with all of our monster highs! It will be fun, cause she has 12 monster high dolls and I have 35, so there wil...
23rd Dec 11 12:06
PinkPandas! Here you are. I found a picture of a PinkPanda so I used that for you.
22nd Dec 11 17:20
I found a few cool pictures. Here they are.Picture 1 - I found a cool picture of Abbey Bomnibel. Frankie Steins hand can come off, and Abbey has it. Abbey doesn't speak normal because she is
21st Dec 11 18:11
Jess1234! I hope you like it. I made it Lagonna Blue for you too.If any one else wants one say in comments please :)
20th Dec 11 13:15
Supergirl103! Here you go. I hope you like it. I got it Cleo De Nile Too.I didn't make it but I think you'd love it!
19th Dec 11 17:30
Today I got a new Monster high doll. Now I have 17! My doll I got is very hard to get so my mum had to order it. Since I wasen't feeling very well my mum gave me her for an early Christmas presant
19th Dec 11 11:33
There is very big news! On the program Good Luck Charlie they are having another baby! They already have 4. You can pick the name you want online, on the disney chanel. I voted for the girls name
17th Dec 11 11:01
Like it? It is a cute little puppy.
16th Dec 11 20:20
My cat Honey got lot of early Christmas presents today. She got Cat - nip, a little toy, a new scratching post, two bowls with a folder thing to hold it up, and a normal diamond bowl and my favourite ...
15th Dec 11 17:31
I played a disney game and you have to build a snowman. It let me save it and get a picture..So here it is!
15th Dec 11 17:13
I have been playing a game called Run Santa run! It is very fun, and Cats20 introduced me to it.
14th Dec 11 16:37
Come and check them out please! I didn't make the Icarly one but I thought it was cool and used it! Not to take credit thought!!!!!
14th Dec 11 16:30
Happy Christmas every - one hope you all have fun!! Bet you are also all getting great gifts : - D
14th Dec 11 16:06
My story " Pandas at Endi Zoo " made the Radiowaves home - page and Tanshall FM's Home - Page! I am very happy and excited! Now loads of people can like and comment on my story! Please check
10th Dec 11 10:19
Today I am going to see Puss in boots at the kino cinema! I can't wait to see it. I love Puss in boots from all the Shrek movies and now he has his own! I will make a review on it after I have seen it...
6th Dec 11 18:26
Hope you both like them!!
5th Dec 11 18:59
I've been writing out cards for a few people.. I think I will do more soon... They are very cute.. Cats and dogs! But the cats and dogs aren't together.. They are different. But still very cute (:
5th Dec 11 18:50
My mum told me a great suprise! Ready for it?...... I'M GOING TO SEE CHER LLOYD LIVE IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy! :DI will try and get some videos and pictures of Cher. I'm not su
5th Dec 11 17:47
I am so hyper and exited for Christmas! I can't wait till it is :). I bet you are all so happy too!