9th Dec 11 11:47
This week we have done P.E. with primary 6 we played extreme laps which was great, we also did team games. We had to get 9 people from one end of the hall to the other using only 2 mats. We weren't al...
1st Dec 11 09:45
This week we have been working with P6 to write stories for Radiowaves. It was about the St Andrews Ceilidh the school had on Friday the 25th November. We had to write a story in 250 words mentioning ...
17th Nov 11 09:36
On Friday we went to visit The Kingdom Housing offices and depot. We got to find out about different jobs and we spoke to some of their employees. The group that went to the depot got to see the tools...
10th Nov 11 11:17
Our star of the week is Log. In P.E. this week he played extreme dodgeball really well. He got two full catches for his team which helped get his team mates back in. His reflexes were fantastic!
10th Nov 11 09:45
We have found another way to practise our spelling. We do I spelling everyday, each group has a different task each day and they are rotated between the groups. Sometimes we use shaving foam to write ...
4th Nov 11 11:33
Hamster lover 101 is the Positive Pandas star of the week because she did a fantastic piece of writing about Macbeth. She change the ending to one of the chapters. She is also a hard worker, a great f...
3rd Nov 11 12:57
This week we have been extremely busy in school.We have had 3 visitors - a teacher from another school to teach us French, a judo instructor and a tae kwon do instructor.We learned how to say hel
23rd Sep 11 12:09
We have been writing genres all based in Macbeth. We have finished reading Macbeth. In PE we have been working on team work,We have been playing laps and extream dogeball!We have enjoyed doing pr
9th Sep 11 12:15
We have been learing lots more and read lots more of the tree tops book about Macbeth. We have also been helping in other classes.We enjoyed learing how to play badminton with Active schools
9th Sep 11 11:55
Our star of the week has been trying hard all week and been making our teacher smile. He has been working really hard as well.!!!!!!!!!
2nd Sep 11 09:44
This week we have been reading Macbeth. We have read up to chapter 4 and I think we are all enjoying it. When the art teacher came we all got to draw a Macbeth character we are having lots of fun with...
2nd Jun 11 13:31
We visited Fife Sports Institute yesterday to take part in a multi activity day.It was fandabbydozy!!!We started our day with a game of dodgeball, followed by lots of different act
31st May 11 13:58
Yesterday (Monday 30th May) Theatre Group 'M&M productions' came to Tanshall to perform a show for us. They performed 'Tom's Midnight Garden' which is a book written by Philippa Pearce.
17th May 11 10:19
Primary 6 all wish Mr and Mrs Bruhn, oh, and NEW BORN baby Oscar CONGRATULATIONS!Baby Oscar was born at 6:15 in the morning and he weighs 8 and a half pounds.We were sent a picture
6th May 11 09:44
We had a visit from Paul Barclay, a fireman with Fife Fire and Rescue Service. We learned lots of different things about fire and how to prevent it.Some of the things we learned about were:<