23rd Sep 11 12:09
We have been writing genres all based in Macbeth. We have finished reading Macbeth. In PE we have been working on team work,We have been playing laps and extream dogeball!We have enjoyed doing pr
9th Sep 11 12:15
We have been learing lots more and read lots more of the tree tops book about Macbeth. We have also been helping in other classes.We enjoyed learing how to play badminton with Active schools
9th Sep 11 11:55
Our star of the week has been trying hard all week and been making our teacher smile. He has been working really hard as well.!!!!!!!!!
2nd Sep 11 09:44
This week we have been reading Macbeth. We have read up to chapter 4 and I think we are all enjoying it. When the art teacher came we all got to draw a Macbeth character we are having lots of fun with...