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About Me
Hi im Power Puppy im going to tell you about me okay here goes What do i like doing:Going to the cinema,going dance ,going to the park,acting,going parties.Who i love:My mum,my dad,my dog, my brother my nan and last but not least Archie.Who are my favourite singers:Jessie J,JLS,Justin Bieber,Beyonce,Rhian

na.What football team i support:Chelsea football club.What is my favourite animals:A dog and a cat.


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1st Aug 12 17:59
On the 23rd of July i saw the olymoic torch with my friends it was so cool and fun.London 2012 olympics is going to be fantastic.Plus i loved it,seeing the olympic torch relay i wish i could see it a...
29th Jun 12 19:33
On the 28th of June my class and i went to the Globe Theatre.The theatre is in Southwark and it is a beautiful place.First a lovely lady came up to us and spoke with us about the Shakespearean era.Ne...
19th May 12 19:47
On Thursday,my class and i went to see the Mayoress.Firstly,we went in to her private parlor,then we had some delicious biscuits and some yummy juice.After that,she told us that it was her last day to...
14th Apr 12 16:18
On Tuesday 3rd April my nan got a kitten.We called the kitten Gizmo he is a boy and he is so cute dog sometimes plays with him (The kitten).We have had him for 2 weeks now he is very playful and cute...
27th Mar 12 20:26
My doggy is so cute.I love her so so so much.The other day i went to Richmond Park that is my favourite park.My dog and my dad plus my mum played frisbee and a catching game.When my dog went and tried...
26th Mar 12 17:52
Last week was RE week and we studied different religions.We researched the Hindu festival Holi and learned that one of the Hindu gods called Krishna was worshiped for joy and fun.Next we did some art ...
21st Mar 12 18:29
This week Yr5 and Yr6 were very lucky as a man visited the school and taught us about different religions. We dressed up in traditional Indian costumes and learned how to dance to a lively Indian song...
8th Mar 12 18:14
My doggy is as loyal as can be She is always fascinated about bees She has big sharp jaws And such soft paws Oh my doggy,oh my doggy i love her so much And that is why i have
7th Mar 12 11:59
On Saturday 3rd of March My brother brought in a kitten called she was called Socks because her whole body was colured black and her little paws was white as snow.But the sad thing was that we had to...
7th Mar 12 11:24
Last week the whole school was invited upstairs to the top hall.He is very famous because he can jump very far and he can run very,very fast.It was on Tuesday 28th of February.This is what he did wit...
7th Mar 12 11:17
Last Friday it was my mum and dads wedding.It was such a long time before they got married so I was so so so happy for them and because i was so so happy for them it made me cry.I was a bridesmaid wit...
10th Oct 11 14:02
On Saturday I went to my auntie Sandra's birthday party it was very fun my cousin and I were dancing together and we were doing the Tango and she slipped and as she sipped she pulled me down with her ...
26th Jul 11 20:43
Hi I'm power puppy and I can't wait until I am in Year 5 xx
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