3rd Sep 11 17:57
Today at 8.52am a tragedy happened in New York city.In New York city there were 2 amazing city's called the twin towers.3000 people were killed in 9/11.It happened with 2 planes,people
3rd Aug 11 10:40
HeyThis blog is kinda just a small one because I want to show you the difference in Harry potter or Daniel Radcliffe which ever one suites you!!!!!!Down below you will see what i mean becaus
14th Jul 11 17:45
Annie the musical is one of the best films made on my list because its amzing,inspiring and FUNNY, I think all ages love this film.But the weirdest thing is right my freind looks like annie and a
12th Jul 11 16:37
I love gummy bears sooooooo much now i like all the color apart from......GREEENGreen is one of my most favourite colour,but i am more of a red gummy bear!!!!!!!!I think they are soooooooooo
5th Jun 11 16:19
These are red Photo's!!!!!!!They are cool and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!Red is my favourite colour!!!!!!!!!!!!Red is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
31st May 11 14:28
Yesterday M&M Produtions came to tanshall they were preforming Tom's Midnight Garden it was good.I am gonna tell you a bit about it....Tom's brother has the he has to go live in t
4th May 11 13:09
Hey As you may know that Bin laden is dead!!!!People may know or not know who bin laden is have eny one of you heard of 9/11 well that is the date of when the twin towers fell it was becaus
28th Mar 11 10:09
The bumble bee park is a state. The Bumble bee park is half missing pieces because the hammock is not there, the bridge ropes are not there and in the middle there used to be rocks and sand now there ...
23rd Mar 11 13:03
This is my health picture,you might see alot of health things on Tanshall FM because as you may know that every year Tanshall has a health week and this year we are also mixing it in kinda with eco gr...
1st Feb 11 17:29
Hey this is pup oreo and i am screaming my head of at Fernando torres because.....HE LEFT L.F.C(LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB)Torres was my most favourite football player in the whole entire UNIVE
14th Jan 11 21:10
Hey I was at school on Thursday 13th January 2011And there is a big slide of ice and my Head teacher let us on it cased it looked soooooo much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But of course
12th Jan 11 13:12
hey on Wednesday my tooth came out!!!!!It came out in Radiowaves club.I was wobbling it and pulling it and then it came out!!!!!!Here is my Poem about my toothThe cringe
20th Dec 10 09:31
Hey i don't know if you would know the famous HERSHY'S CHOCLET SAUCE its amazing!!!!!!!Its also got a school for disabled people i found this out on the program called Ace of cakes. They made a c
4th Dec 10 16:05
Me and my grandma has just put her Christmas tree up it looks amazingWe have done a lot of stuff to it-1.Put it up2.put the decorations stuff up(There's a lot of them)3.Put the lig
15th Nov 10 18:28
I did't know what to write so i am writting this and this is pretty much writting soooooi am writting this......Betty botta boght some butter but she said my butters bitterIf i put it i
27th Oct 10 20:17
These are some pictures of katy Perry i hope you enjoy.
18th Oct 10 19:25
Hey I watched twilight last night and when I see something shiny I now scream or say EDWARD. If I see the word vampire I scream EDWARD but if I see something red eyed I will scream JAMES,VICTORIA,LAUR
21st Sep 10 19:10
Muse super massive black hole is a song and of those who haven't heard of muse they are a music group called MUSE. There songs appear in twilight and of those who haven't heard of that then its a film...
5th May 10 12:58
1.Don't Drop Your Litter

2.Don't Be cruel to animals, nature etc.

3.Respect everything

4.If you see litter pick it up

5.Go to the dump and put all your rubbish in there

6.Reduce, reuse and recycl...
24th Mar 10 13:14
This week at tanshall we had our health week.

We had people from fischy music and they were having a concert at our school today but we are the stars of it .They were called Sandy and Rain. Sandy wa...
14th Mar 10 17:08
i have finnaly got 100 friends if you are reading this and you are not my friend please add me. After 1 year i have finnaly got it.
14th Feb 10 15:50
valintimes day has came again this is a day about secret admiarers,kisses and hugs from the one you love and its just a wonderful day

I luv this day so...
6th Feb 10 17:19
Hi this is my fishtank
meet bubbles is the yellow one
dory is the one with blue and black on it
Tommy is the one who has got blue one evry whare apart from his tummy
pjs is the diffrent colered one

6th Feb 10 16:40
H i love music music is the best i think i just love it i lisene to it evry day ethir in my bedroom or out and about

tell me well comment me on your fav music or music people

heres mine:
9 to 5 dol...
31st Jan 10 10:56
Ilusion no.1
does it ever end???????

how freaky is that a face made out of amimals!!!!

if you would like to see some more illusion...