16th Dec 09 12:14
I CANNOT WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16th Dec 09 12:08
16th Dec 09 12:06
My jab arm still kills and I cannot sleep properly because of it! I am getting really grumpy and I cannot sleep properly!!
16th Dec 09 12:01
I've just been landed with three sackfuls of industrial size ribbon so I've donated it to the textiles department. Hope you have plenty of fun with it!
16th Dec 09 11:53
I had a drama performance yesterday with my drama club. I played the rebelling little sister who constantly got into trouble and all went well.
Everyone cheered and really enjoyed it.
14th Dec 09 13:11
Today i had my jabs- eventually. I chickened out a total of 8 times from hiding in the loos to holding on to railings. When I finally got there though the nurse was incredibly rude and didn't even giv...
14th Dec 09 13:04
Why? Olly is the bomb and yet he came second? Joe McElderry is a GIRL. Do you hear me? Then again, would he get a contract anywhere else?
9th Dec 09 12:19
Gabby Abby is the newest edition to the troup and is mine and mini8s best friend.
9th Dec 09 12:17
So finally we are down to our final 3 in the x factor. Stacy , Ollie , Joe. I am backing on Stacy to win though I dont mind Ollie. Joe and Lucie were the same- brilliant but not pop star potential.
26th Nov 09 15:51
For Pudsey Day, me and my friends decided to do a cake sale as we did one last year and it was a great success. After our electives on Wednesday, we went to the cooking room and started baking. When t...
6th Jul 09 15:49
Hi I am Twilight frenzy and this is my first blog so I am going to talk about me. I am really good friends with mini8 or her actual name Alice and in her first blog it was my b-day she was talking abo...