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Pistorius heads off local challenge at the BT Paralympic World Cup
A look behind the scenes as S2R covers the launch of the London 2012 mascots
An Olympic and Paralympic winning team are born
Rival uni's get ready for historic boat race down Thames.
Could Steven Bell be the next Bond with the Licence to win?
Could Steven Bell be the next Bond?!
The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics dawns. The countdown begins.
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30th Mar 10 08:34
Interview with boxer/actor Steve Bell
On Monday professional Actor/Boxer Steve Bell Visited S2R. We interviewed him about his amateur, professional and showbiz career. He spoke about his past as a cha...
28th Mar 10 16:07
We were given the task over the weekend to do some background research and think of questions to ask the famous boxer and actor Steve Bell.
It's been pretty hard trying to think of questions that no o...
27th Mar 10 15:17
Today was the second training day for the new group. I turned up early with Jack and waited for everyone to arrive. Glyn split us into groups and we were set the task of choosing a theme to do with sp...
26th Mar 10 15:26
Today was the first time I had been at the s2r base in two years, as I previously quit the project and decided to rejoin it again. I was pretty nervous, I didnt know what to expect. Would I make new f...
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