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29th May 15 12:07
We have had another busy week, on Monday we made posters for rules to follow at the Zoo, we have been making end of year 'selfies', we have been doing division and working on the netbooks.On Wednesday...
29th May 15 12:02
Our star of the week is Scooterkid313 because he was so sensible at the zoo and enjoyed every minute of it.
22nd May 15 10:31
22nd May 15 10:29
P7 stars of the week are Golfyboy and Pony1
22nd May 15 10:26
Our star of the week is Doggy136 because she is kind, helpful and always makes her teacher smile.
8th May 15 11:01
Our star is Scooterboy1888 because he has shown maturity this term and he is very good at delivering messages throughout the school.
7th May 15 13:46
We were doing numbers to millions and thousands again. We were also doing personal projects and we did internet safety as well as personal projects. At gym we did triple jump and it was lots of fun w...
1st May 15 09:59
In french this week we have been playing tens and also doing our worksheets. In writing we have been writing about our heroes it was mostly people in our family like mum dads and grans. We finished tr...
1st May 15 09:54
Our star of the week is Scootergirl2004 because she did a lovely piece of writing about someone in her family who is her hero.
23rd Apr 15 14:23
This week our star is CrazyCarMan because he joined in ALL of the athletics session we had and really enjoyed it.
26th Mar 15 12:04
Our star of the week is ScooterBoy1888, he has being helping people in gym without being told to and he also help someone in the pool to swim and join the rest of the class. Yesterday he was cheering ...
26th Mar 15 11:47
At swimming we were revising different techniques to swim then we had a race it was super but sadly that was our last time at swimming. We did the sumdog competition we came 53rd place its not bad. M...
20th Mar 15 10:02
This week it was very difficult to choose a star of the week as we have had some people trying really hard. Scootergirl2004 is our star of the week because she is showing a positive attitude towards u...
19th Mar 15 11:29
On Monday we had a visit from the Fire Brigade. They were in to tell us about deliberate fires that are getting set and how dangerous they can be. We got to ask them lots of questions.
5th Mar 15 11:20
This week we have been continuing with our maps, we have added a key, a title and coordinate numbers. We also read more of Treasure Island.In maths we have read more of ‘On the Money’, the story we re...
26th Feb 15 12:17
Runninggirl is one of our stars of the week because she has shown a mature attitude during discussions in class.Scooterkid313 is also our star because he improved a lot in the swimming pool and manage...
26th Feb 15 11:23
This week have been working with P7 for Financial Fortnight. We were given a different money category each and had to research it on the netbooks. Then we had to create a poster and share it with the ...
20th Feb 15 11:02
Our star of the week is Blackninja74 because he has improved his attitude towards swimming and is trying really hard in the pool this term.
19th Feb 15 11:21
We are just back from the swimming pool, we were practicing pointing our toes to do the proper front crawl kick, then we add the arms and practiced the front crawl in the pool. Some of us got to dive ...
19th Feb 15 11:21
Our star in Masterchief117 because he always works hard in class.
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