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Its the 90th anniversary of the armistice and we want to know what you think about Remembrance
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7th Nov 08 22:01
I sent my dad an email telling him about the reporting you guys are doing in France. He was really interested, when I returned home I found he had been onto the Imperial war museums website and traced...
5th Nov 08 11:25
On remembrance sunday I like to talk to my family about our relations that fought in the war. We don't often sit down to talk about family history but we try to do it every 11/11 cos the war affected ...
4th Nov 08 12:22

I think remembrance is important so that people dont forget the sacrifices a generation made so that we can live in the country we do today. Send your thoughts to

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Miranda says...
On the weekend i saw a t.v programme that was at royal albert hall. It was showing falling poppies from the ceiling. Each poppy represented someone who died in a war. There were so many poppies falling it was very interesting. How did you get a sense in france of the number of people killed?
10 November 08
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Sam TPYF says...
I think Remembrance is all about remembering individual people - naming them, even if it's only in your own mind. I can't think of a worse fate than having made the sacrifice of one's own life in war to then be forgotten to the degree that no-one even knows your name. One of the saddest sights I see on these overseas trips is the inscriptions on some of the CWGC headstones that say 'An Unknown Soldier'.
06 November 08
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Undecided says...
I used to always watch remembrance services on the TV, and be very moved by them.
Then I learned that my grandfather, who fought in WW2, never took part in any remembrance ceremonies, and avoided having anything to do with Remembrance Day. He believed that it was glorifying war and wanted nothing to do with it.
My grandfather s experience included the Dunkirk evacuation, losing family members to the Blitz, and having most of his friends die in the Far East.
I don t know now how I feel about remembrance events, I can t stop thinking about the young man who was to become my grandfather, mourning all his friends.
06 November 08
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Ellie says...
I think Remembrance day is important because people who died sacrified their lives for others and I think its important to remember those people.
05 November 08
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