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About Me
Hey Guys, Im Rayhill. Welcome to my page.I've been with S2R for........ a long time and have had many awsome experiences with our 'crew'. Highlights of mine have been attending a Pierre de Coubertin conference, Winning a competition to report in Canada and having an absolutly amazing time there, and then seeing all our work from Canada at the Canadian embassy near Trafalgar Square. On top of that I've had a tour of the Olympic park and witnessed the legacy of the games from my own eyes in the form of the construction crew.I've been awe struck many times. I've met Mark Foster, Kelly Holmes, Jonathan Edwards, Chris Akabusi, John Regis, and many important people from the world of Journalism all thanks to this wonderful project.In the future, I want to be a succesful Journalist, the next Dan Walker, or Jake Humphrey and get the chance to report on great sporting events. I'm a big sports enthusiast. I love Formula 1 and Football, a big Arsenal fan and a Lewis Hamilton supporter.


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My Badges
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My Stories
A look back at my incredible 2012
Look back at the end of the Premier League season and ahead to a summer of sport
Frantic race mixes up field as Perez gives close chase to victorious Fernando
The beautiful game comes together to get behind Fabrice Muamba
Our second part to this epic saga
A quick overview of the 'Get set for your moment to shine' video for the 'Young reporters competition'
Another Blue day for Chelsea fans as defence goes missing yet again.
There are so many things, that I didn't know what to put in this section.... sad times.
I look forward to this weekends race in Montreal
Brundle takes up main commentator and DC joins him
Opening up the progress of the London 2012 Olympic Park to the public
Review of S2R in the Past One and a Half Years
Controversy surrounds Alonso's win as the past comes back to bite Ferrari
Celebration for the Crew's hard work and welcoming new members. Dame Kelly Holmes, David Higgins, parents and school colleagues gathered to celebrate the success of the Construction Crew.
This year's British Grand Prix is geared up to be one of the greatest ever.
An evening to showcase talents in sport, art and culture
Sports Personality of The Year VOTE FOR FREE
Many people worried after power cut in Rio
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My Blog
My Blog
2nd May 12 18:13
Afew months ago I had the privelage of attending the 2012 London Youth Games. At this event I realised that I had the perfect opportunity to create my showreel.After the actual workshop had finis
30th Jan 12 09:24
I lay in bed, the clock striking 11 'o' clock in the night. My alarm set for an early start for the next morning, my mind set for another epic final beween two modern day legends in the game of tennis...
6th Oct 11 18:02
Hi, yes it's me here. Me writing, so loads of people can read it and think, what a wierdo. Well its not just me who has been overcome with wierdyness. 29 degrees in October?! Enough said there. If you...
1st Feb 11 09:42
Sunday afternoon came, Jim Rosenthal and ITV as their usual selves increased the tension with their long speeches and many advert breaks. As they announced that the Leyton Orients number was number 8....
5th Jan 11 15:14
After a small spell in the radiowaves wilderness, Rayhill Dhansey, the former Calgary reporter has made his comeback. After completing his GCSE's last year, in May. Rayhill became stuck in which colle...
14th Dec 10 18:22
After a long hard autumn term with lots of assignments and exams. Rayhill is ready to report. The temptation was to much and I couldn't resist.The budding reporter is back with more stories and b
27th Jul 10 12:58
Its been a year and 3 months since I joined S2R. I've met a lot of people along the way. However today was scary. Seeing new people learning the same things I did. going the same places I did, has rea...
6th Jul 10 16:56
Today Me, Nishat and Adam were given a tour of the Olympic park. With us were members of the Construction Crew. These are 11 to 12 year olds who were researching around different aspects of the games....
26th Nov 09 19:16
today at school I had a suprise in store. this is because in our English lesson Mr Hogg, who is our teacher. showed the class my bid for the trip to Calgary. One of the best lessons of my life. THE TI...
2nd Nov 09 21:23
It was a very emotional start to the last day to which had been a absolutely enthrauling adventure. We woke up to find that we had a backlog of work to finish which we rallied on to complete. First of...
30th Oct 09 15:03
We spent our last night in hotel Alma, which was  bit emotional. we set off for the Canmore Nordic Centre. First of all we went to the tourist information centre where we met Heather who gave us ...
28th Oct 09 23:03
I was relaxing in my sleep, when I heard a  beeping sound. No it wasn't Nishat it was a big oil tanker. I rushed down stairs for breakfast. The sunrise was spectacular as usual. Earlier than...
27th Oct 09 23:37
Yesterday we were predicting that today would not be as productive. To our surprise we were wrong. We got picked up at half nine by our guide/friend/driver and colleague, Linda. We travelled to Telus ...
26th Oct 09 23:45
Today is a day that I will remember for a very long time.
First of all I have to say thank you to the organisers and the people who funded this trip. The hotel is the best that I have ev...
26th Oct 09 15:54
25th Oct 09 08:21
A review on the legendry games
THE 15th winter Olympics in Calgary was the biggest event that the city has ever known. It was hoped that the games would catapult this section of Western...
8th Apr 09 16:33
Today we visited the bbc television studios. first of all we got the centale line train to White City. As we entered we got a visitors pass. And off we went. First we were shown around the B...
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sarah says...
Great to hear about your English lesson, that was amazing. You deserve it!
02 December 09
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Sarah Dickinson says...
Great to hear you are having a brilliant time. Excellent reporting
03 November 09
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Dave says...
Howdy Raylin, hope you had a safe journey home. The Chinook arrived in Calgary this morning, really! Bet your family was glad to see you survived the Alberta weather. It was super to meet you and your team, hope to see you back in Canada soon.
31 October 09