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S2R follow Rapha Condor Sharp over rough terrain
We visited the Mountain Biking World Cup in Dalby Forest,Yorkshire to spread the word about this extreme, crazy sport.
Tell us about your Dream Mile, Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton did...
Firefit is taking the Merseyside by storm - an InspireMark Project
Shelley Alexander from the BBC challenged me to discover who her old neighbours were via an interview!
We spoke with Gary Pallister, Manchester United Superstar, about his career.
Using a previously aired piece for radio we improved our cueing skills. Here, former Newcastle goalie Shay Given, focuses on the positive aspects of moving clubs after 12 years...
We give an introduction on mentoring new rising young reporters here at s2r.
We went to the BtParalympic World Cup to watch the wheel chair basketball final.
We interviewed people about what inspired them
I interviewed Shelley Quarin
I interviewed Shelley Quarin, Paralympic Javelin Thrower.
My reporter training day!
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18th Feb 10 14:05
Today I interviewed Shelley Alexander about her life back in London and what she enjoys about it. I also tried to find out who her old neighbours were. Along the way she gave me some great advice abou...
18th Feb 10 11:20
Today we had a visit from Shelley Alexander from the BBC. The assistant editor of football focus and Outreach Manager of the BBC gave us some advice on how to improve our skills. We watched a few vide...
16th Feb 10 15:38
Gary Pallister & Dominic McGuinness came to visit us at S2R today and gave us some good advice. Dominic told us how to improve our reporting sklls and we used Gary as an interviewee. I learned how to ...
23rd May 09 18:39
 Today we designed a package on atmosphere at the wheelchair-basketball finals. I worked with Phill & James to put together a great piece about the buzz of the Bt PWC. We got a great int...
12th May 09 14:59
The PWC is getting closer and i'm looking forward to getting some good interviews. I perticularly want to watch the wheelchair basketball team. I want to find out more about the rules of the game. I a...
8th May 09 15:15
I made a load of new friends today. It was loads of fun. I learnt a lot of stuff that will be usefull for my experience here. I hope that everyone will enjoy my P.C.'s ( Pod Casts) and my blogs, if yo...
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