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10th Mar 14 14:28
Today it was common wealth day it is on the 10th March 2014.The South Africa population is 52,982.At our school today it was common wealth day,Mrs Henderson and Mrs Henderson has got every class a top...
9th Jan 14 11:59
My Christmas Holidays On Christmas day I was up first it was like 6:00am so I watch fantastic 4, then it was 8:00am so I got my little Brother up and we went to my mum and dad's room. then my sister c...
28th May 13 14:28
On Wednesday I got the DVD monster in Paris and I have never stoped watching it and today we will watch it as a family movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13th May 13 10:08
On 8th May my brother got Ninga and he now will play it every day.On Saturday at night time I fell down the stairs and I watched National Treasure then we will watch National Treasure 2 it is very x12...
29th Apr 13 09:49
On 9th March i went to see Madagascar live with my sister and my sisters boyfriend it was so x100000 fun it was one day after my birthday.:) Last Monday my dad got crumchese because of his k
14th Jan 13 10:07
On Hogmany I tripped up and hurt my two big teeth one went back and one went forward my dad thought that we would be in hospital when the bells would ring. But we were lucky we got out. On January 6th...
3rd Dec 12 10:15
On Sunday 25th November at 10 o'clock we went to Deep Sea World when we got to the first fish my brother wanted to go home it took 10 minutes then we had lunch. I had fish fingers and chips.Then we we...
14th Nov 12 14:08
This was one of my best days ever. On Saturday me, my brother, my mum and dad went crazy golfing. It was so so so so so fun. My brother was in his wheelchair. The bad news is my brother won :((
19th Sep 12 13:51
On Saturday morning I got £1.oo from the tooth fairy then I was going to meet PuppyLover3 at the bus station to go to Jungle Jims for 2 hours anda teddy machine and you have 16 trys to win a teddy I w...
31st Aug 12 21:17
On Monday 20th August p4,p5,p6 andp7 went to the Rothes halls to see The Two Steves. I thought it was very good. It was very funny.
23rd Apr 12 14:38
On the 16th of April I watched Harry Potter to the 23rd of April one-sever part 2.I love the book Trick or Treat I have been reading every day.At the weekend on Sunday I got to stay by my self and my ...
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