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see these audios
Means St Lukes sports DAY!!
If you saw the others then you MUST see this one!!!!!
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12th April 2011 we are going to Arsenal.
On 20th March me SPURSRULE and Yasstar10 went to interview Alex Dowsett
On March 20th 2011 I went to watch a time trial cycle event.
We made a Voxpop, a interview with Alex and got some videos and pictures of him!
Today I went to Colchester stadium to watch Colchester United.
Both sides will want to get a good start in the last 16!!
I interviewed pink bananas and asked her what sport she does.
Robbie Keane might go to Birmingham
What sport are you going to do over the Christmas holidays?
What is your favourite sport?
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22nd Mar 11 12:21
I have just made a story audio interviewing Alex Dowsett. It was really fun and exiting meeting him. Alex is a TT (time trial) cyclist.
4th Jan 11 08:13
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO holidays are over and we are back at school. For Christmas I got some really nice prezes.I enjoyed the holiday but I am really tired because some of my family came up and th...
13th Dec 10 08:49
I feel really ill and I have to school. When we go outside it is really cold and we're not allowed back in for half an hour.Anyway, I can't believe Matt Cardel won The X Factor. But he is pr
6th Dec 10 12:40
We are back at school from the delay of the snow. It has been a fun day but everybody is tired like I am. I cant wait to get home because my best friend is coming around.
30th Nov 10 09:03
I am now 10 years old I got really good presents my favourite was a wii game called Golden eye007. My second favourite was a huge chocolate bar all to my self.
26th Nov 10 07:55
I'm counting down on a chart until my birthday which is on the 29th of November.Only 3 more days.But it is on a Monday which is a school day so that not so good for me. And on Sunday I'm having a
25th Nov 10 07:43
Today is St. Luke's Edwardian Christmas Fair. I'm running a stall with my 3 best friends.The Edwardian Fair goes on until 8:00.
24th Nov 10 07:40
Today is my best friend's birthday. He is only 5 days older than me,so that means in 5 days time I'm going to be 10.BIRTHDAYLETS CELEBRATE
22nd Nov 10 15:42
I just could not believe that arsenal lost from 2-0 up and then lost 3-2 to Tottenham Hotspurthe score wasTottenham Hotspur 3-2 arsenalOn Sunday I played football. My tea
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