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6th Mar 14 07:15
Good morning P7!Today's activity will take place during the visit.Work with a partner to create a story about the Cross Country Festival in the Sports Channel.Remember, your story should give a perso...
27th Feb 14 13:08
Follow this link for today's activity: fun!If you're finished, this link is an extension activity which you can try at school or at home:
9th Jan 14 12:46
This afternoon, you are going to start doing some research about either Robert Burns or Robert Louis Stevenson.Your aim today is to make enough notes for you to make an interesting fact sheet about th...
1st Oct 13 10:41
October already!!You are working with Ms Macdonald and Mrs Wright-Harris this afternoon.Your tasks are as follows:(a) Check to see if there is anything else you still need to do in order to get your L...
30th Sep 13 07:33
By the end of this week, it would be great if everyone could earn their Level 1 badge.This is not difficult and many of you have been awarded this already.Please check your page to see if you have bee...
26th Sep 13 12:40
The final results are as follows (top ten only...)10 - Imogen (31 points)9- Arif (33 points)8 - Robert (41 points)7 - Fatima (45 points)6 - Hamza (46 points)5 - Anjali (51 points)3= Thai (54 points)3...
26th Sep 13 12:36
Today, you are continuing your work on blogging and commenting.There is not much time so you need to work quickly.Your job is to:(a) view the P1 blog and leave a nice, constructive comment, to encoura...
23rd Sep 13 12:12
Visit this story: you have viewed, your task is to write a short blog about our cricket work.Your blog should be interesting and pe...
19th Sep 13 07:44
Today you are going to consider how to comment effectively on other people's work.First, view the following video in a new tab: do the following:Both you and you...
18th Sep 13 12:34
Today you are working in pairs.The partner who does NOT already have a Level 1 award should log on to his / her account.The work today is all about keeping your online profile safe.Here are your instr...
27th Jun 13 09:51
I have been looking at some of the Champion Schools to get some ideas for how we could improve Preston Street's site in 2013-14.One of the best sites I have seen is the Tanshall ...
12th Mar 13 07:38
Hi everyone.Today your activities are as follows:(a) Finish your 'aid' argument writing and get it printed out. Get a partner to help you if necessary. This must be finished today.
4th Mar 13 15:29
Hi everyoneIn class, we are continuing to look at the different parts of the Enough Food IF... campaign.Last week, we looked at overseas aid.This week, we are continuing
26th Feb 13 07:40
During today's task, you are continuing to think about how to research and present information accurately and effectively.We have been learning in class about international development, or '
19th Feb 13 07:42
I hope by watching the video, you have been reminded about copyright, and the importance of using your own words.Today, you have been given a short research and presentation task, to help yo
18th Feb 13 16:44
Today you are going to learn about two REALLY IMPORTANT areas of web safety.These are RESEARCH and COPYRIGHT.These are both REALLY IMPORTANT! (Did I say that already?)Any
5th Feb 13 09:02
Click this link by doing CTRL-click and selecting 'Open in New Tab'.
11th Dec 12 08:06
Over the past 2-3 weeks, you have completed all the activities for Level 1 of the Safe Social Networking award.I have some shiny Level 1 certificates to hand out to you all on Friday - provi
11th Dec 12 07:56
Today, the first thing you are going to do is watch this video. Remember to CRTL-click on the link:
3rd Dec 12 11:37
Pupils in P5-7 have been playing maths games on Mangahigh for the last few weeks. Today some of the P5 pupils in Miss Cassidy's class are writing all about how they enjoy it.I look forward t
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