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9th Jun 14 09:37
On Friday I went out and got soaked. My mate came in my house and we played Fifa 14. He won the first game 1-0. But I let him win because on the second game I won 8-1On Saturday I set up a tent in my ...
4th Jun 14 09:41
At the weekend I played Fifa 14. If you read my other blogs you would know i love Fifa 14! I opened my Brazil packs and i got Snedjier green card with 84 overall, Sergio Busquets with 85 overall green...
26th May 14 10:24
On Friday I started a Fifa 14 Brazil Hybrid. It isn't finished yet. I have Jefferson in goals, Dante in CB and 2 of my strikers are Fred and Alexandre Pato.On Saturday again I was on Fifa 14. I then w...
6th May 14 13:55
At the weekend I played fifa 14 ultimate team and then when it wasn't raining I went outside with my best friend and played football. I am going to his house today. After that I went to my grans and ...
28th Apr 14 10:01
On Friday I went outside and played football with my friend. After that I played Fifa 14 for 2 hours on my X-box 360 on Fifa Ultimate Team.On Saturday I basically played Fifa 14 all day because there ...
10th Mar 14 14:26
Today it is Sport Your Trainers Day! Everyone in our school was so ecstatic about the new top secret mission that all the school got. We have a country and it is .... South Africa! This Friday we have...
3rd Mar 14 10:09
On Friday I played MineCraft on my X-Box 360! I talked to some of my friends and i started to make the forth rail bridgeOn Saturday my Gran visited us with my big sister and my baby neice. She bought ...
27th Jan 14 10:08
All weekend I played on my X-box. I tried out ghost recon and I played minecraft. I also watched Fast and Furious-Tokyo Drift, and I watched cat in the hat for like the one hundredeth time! I can't le...
20th Jan 14 10:18
At the week end I got a ukulele. I played with my little brothers and I also listened to music on my MP4 Player!
13th Jan 14 10:01
All weekend I played my x-box and on my pool table. On my x-box i played minecraft and ascend hand of kul.
16th Sep 13 10:21
On Friday I went on my PS3 to play Gran Turismo 5! It is a great racing game! I went online with SuperMario8! He is a lot better than me because he is the one who gave me the game because he has 2 of ...
9th Sep 13 10:02
On Saturday I went to the last ever Leuchars air show. It was the last one because they are turning it into a air force base. It was pretty good but it was slow! My favourite planes were the red arrow...
26th Aug 13 10:21
On Friday I went to play football at the Leven Sports Centre. Right after that we went to our mums house.It was not my turn so i stayed at the house with my little brother and sister. On Saturday I st...
13th May 13 10:04
On Friday my little brother and sister came to my house and on the way back we went to my dads friends house. I played on his X-box. Right after that we went out to the trampoline and we got some swee...
6th May 13 19:02
Tommorow is my dads birthday. I got him some stuff- I made him a card and with all the money i got i managed to buy EVERYTHING for the party me and my sister- $park Girl managed to put together! i bo...
6th May 13 18:49
Today my uncles came and we were playing fifa13 on a tournament. It was lots of fun. I had a little shot at the simpsons tapped out. I also played temple run 1, temple run 2, and temple run the wizard...
3rd May 13 12:05
we went to the park in kirkcaldy called ravenscraig and I had soooooo much fun! We went on lots of stuff and then I went to bed and I got the weirdest dream ever which I will tell you about on my next
29th Apr 13 10:24
On friday my little brother and sister came to my house and my big brother and my little brother went on the ps3 and my little sister and me played on the ds. Then I went on the ps3 and got my grampas
26th Apr 13 21:44
my little brother and sister came and i'm so excited!!!! we have played fifa 12 and black ops 2 and black ops 1!!! right now we're doing a tournament on fifa 12.
22nd Feb 13 11:50
We went out to beverage park in kirkaldy. We had lots of fun and we played tig. We went on a MASSIVE CLIMBING FRAME!!! It was one of the best days ever!! THANK YOU
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