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5th Nov 12 20:55
By liking and commenting on all my work of course! I would like to know what you think of all my stories. If you don't like it say why, if you do then say, and remember to 'like' my work! If you have ...
23rd Apr 12 17:36
The next is a paragraph from my story 'Chelsea 5-1 Tottenham. A corner was awarded. John Terry managed to get a head to the ball, unfortunately for Chelsea fans, the header was saved. Suddenly t
23rd Apr 12 17:14
I don't want to be nasty but after his annoying goal allowed against Spurs on 15th April 2012, that should never have been, Martin has been called a Chelsea fan. To me it is still just a rumor, but if
25th Feb 11 21:04
I cannot wait because in 12 days the second leg of Spurs VS AC Milan will happen at White Hart Lane which is funny really because I have just been to that stadium with some of Colchester West in S2R!!
25th Feb 11 15:52
Today I went to the fantastic stadium of spurs!! The journey took ages and ages as we took the slow trains. On the way I sat next to Rhino910, Yasstar10, Roarz and the puffin Muffin. All the trains we...
24th Feb 11 19:34
I cannot wait to go to white hart lane tomorrow as I can take a tour round the stadium of the most miraculous team EVER!!! I am excited as I will do an interview with one of the community represe
29th Nov 10 17:37
These are my favourite animals!!!! I took their pictures at colchester zoo!!! we always get gold cards so we go lots in the summer holidays!!!
23rd Nov 10 19:53
Today we did a HEROES AND HEROINES day. I dressed up as Darth Vader!!WHO WOULD YOU HAVE DRESSED UP AS???????WE also had a literacy competition, the teams were: Hedgehogs (MY TEAM), Badg
19th Nov 10 14:30
Today we decided to write up our letters for being in the frontline(for WW1). We started these on Remembrance Day!!! I got 11/12 in times tables because they were extremely tricky especially being in


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