27th Nov 08 10:29
Hi Everyone,
I have written a review for BBC Essex. You can have a look at it at:
I think it might...
20th Nov 08 08:33
Well the most random thing that happened while I was away was a conversation on Friday night at dinner. Me and a few others were have a conversation about the new Bond film and which Bond was the best...
15th Nov 08 20:15
I have learnt loads from this trip. Even when I was writing my entry I started to think about it more. Even if I had not won a place on the trip I think that even my entry would have been enough to ma...
13th Nov 08 08:27
Hi Everyone,
The trip was the best ever. I had a great time. Made lots of friends and the leaders were the best!! I'm really missing the trip already but I know that I have got loads of memoires to ...
10th Nov 08 11:06

Entry to the south african memorial at DELVILLE woods

10th Nov 08 09:00

Some of the graves at the commonwealth graves commision ready to go out to where view are needed

10th Nov 08 08:33

Part of a map at the commenwealth graves comison showing cemomtries

9th Nov 08 15:56
The menin gate
9th Nov 08 15:55
On the way to the of menin gate
9th Nov 08 15:34
The alter at st georges in ypres
9th Nov 08 15:32
A bedfordshire badge in st georges in ypres this is 4 my uncle who lives there
9th Nov 08 15:23
Chairs at st georges in ypres
9th Nov 08 14:48

A old shell being used as a flower pot

9th Nov 08 08:52
Esther doing a live interview on the bus for bbc radio essex!
8th Nov 08 15:29

One french christian grave and one non-christian grave.

8th Nov 08 15:29

Graves at notre dame de lorette

7th Nov 08 11:12
 'I adore war, it's like a big picnic' Julian Grenvill, a Captain in the Royal Dragoons, wrote this in a letter in October 1914. In May1915 he died of shrapnel wounds in hospital in Boulogne.
30th Oct 08 17:50
Hi Everyone,
Mel said that I should tell you all about the interest that I'm creating, right here we go:
I got to stand up infront of my church and tell everyone about the trip this Sunday and then ...
30th Oct 08 17:25
One of the easiest ways to see if a cemetery is French or not, is the gravestones. French gravestones have crosses not slab like the British do. This is because the British wanted to show that th...