30th Oct 08 17:50
Hi Everyone,
Mel said that I should tell you all about the interest that I'm creating, right here we go:
I got to stand up infront of my church and tell everyone about the trip this Sunday and then ...
30th Oct 08 17:25
One of the easiest ways to see if a cemetery is French or not, is the gravestones. French gravestones have crosses not slab like the British do. This is because the British wanted to show that th...
16th Oct 08 08:25
I have no idea what we should do for the remembance service, I'm not brillant at coming up with ideas, but I like the idea of thank you in the language for every country that took part. I think i...
14th Oct 08 21:33
The weekend was soooo fun. I had the best weekend ever. I was a bit nervous meeting everyone but I soon made friends with some people and one of the leaders put me into a giggling fit within 15 minute...
11th Oct 08 19:41

Houses of paraliment at night

2nd Oct 08 08:58
I entered this compeition because my history teacher told me about it and told me it would be really good becasue she went on a simular to one she had been on before. I wasn't sure if I woul...