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Here is a touching story about Andy Murray.
i what a new picture but don't know what ONE???
All about summer.
for misschipmunk10
Shocking news!!!!
Little tatty teddy story.
people just like to know
Just like to know for school work
Rich, Kind, But who is it????
Plz look at the photo album and comment what one you think i should have as my new picture
fans of the bieber this is a special thing for u
Do u like this sweet treat
The weirdest story ever!!!!!
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This is not really a story it is a poll
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5th Jan 12 18:52
Rain sometimes happens in this season but most it is the glamorous golden sunshine. If it is rain it clears up and reveals a beautiful sunshine. Another great thing about summer weather is the beautif...
21st May 11 16:42
One day there was a little girl named Zoe.She asked her teacher if she could have one day each mouth called "Bring your pet ". The teacher said maybe but I will have to ask the headteacher. At that mo...
8th Mar 11 18:11
Yo it's sunnydog here and am going to tell you all about pancake day and international woman's day.Today is pancake day and international woman's day. I love pancake day and international woman's day ...
23rd Feb 11 18:47
This person is not in parliament that means they are not David Cameron or Nick Cleeg. They are very old. It is a female. It is the baby when the baby is older who do u think the baby IS??? She is hig...
22nd Feb 11 18:48
Ever school is doing something called mini pot of care it is to help people who are disabled or have problems with their body. At Canmore in p6 we had a comp to see who could grow the tallest plant. t...
16th Feb 11 21:18
Do u go on a rampage just to find ur fav drink. If so this is a blog for u. Do u like the fizzy stuff running down ur throat and the taste of victory juice. If u seen the cola advert with Santa Claus ...
12th Feb 11 18:28
Well the start of this starts like this:Sunnydays123 let us sign up to something called Manga high it's got maths games on it that u can play and try and get the high score. Every one in primary six a...
11th Feb 11 19:44
I am so happy that I have 126 friends on my friends list.
9th Feb 11 17:05
Do u love going to school just too return with homework in ur bag.Do u love doing this boring stuff. The hard thing is when u go to high school u get twice as much as u do at primary and u have to do ...
7th Feb 11 12:11
I love galaxy and Cadbury what chocolate do u like. Hi it is sunnydog and I would love to known what chocolate every1 likes say galaxy is ur fav that type of thing so if u love chocolate and want the ...
29th Jan 11 20:19
Do u like the simpson,s hi it is me sunnydog and i am a mission too find out who likes and who dislikesDo u like maggie,Bart,Lisa,Marge or HomerWht 1 would u like to be PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ
27th Jan 11 18:41
Do u watch cbbc if so what program do u like the most and least wht 1 do u like hacker or dodge or even iain.Do u like Sadie j or Tracy beaker on a Friday wht program do u like on a day! plz comment o...
18th Jan 11 14:22
Have u got bieber fever or do u hate him forever! would u be justin,s prefect date or his worst date would u like to marry him in 20 years or would you hate him as ur husband. If u love him and hate h...
17th Dec 10 15:49
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