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21st May 13 15:41
I can't believe it! 2 things. 1.Docter Who is being continued to some point in November! 2.Matt Smith (person who plays the Doctor) is leaving Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!!!!Why would he! He is very good!!!!An...
14th May 13 15:24
I can't wait till next year in May!Why? Because its when I go to France with my class and the p5s!I am so excited so is everyone else!The p4s and p3s the now will be going to !I will be sleeping with ...
25th Apr 13 20:18
Hey guys! Did you see the new Jessies? They were AWESOME!My favourite was 101 Lizards. What is yours? It was all about Ravi's pet lizards.He had to give them away but Mrs Chesterfield wanted the
23rd Apr 13 16:07
Did u see the brand new Once Upon a Time?It was AWESOME! Emma had broken the curse but they still stayed in StoryBrooke. Everyone was confused so one person tried to cross the line but he just went ba...
23rd Apr 13 15:33
I would like to be a senior reporter because I think I am responsible and kind hearted. I would help other people when they were stuck and I would try to be well-behaved most of the time. I will also ...
16th Apr 13 16:04
Have you seen the new season of the Voice?!They all came back, Dani, Tom, and JessieJ!They all have a lot of people all ready and I'm sure they will fill up fast.Who is your f
23rd Mar 13 16:48
Guess what I'm watching right now!Dr Who:)The episode I am watching is called The Asylum of the Daleks! It is sooooooo AWSOME!!Who else likes Dr Who?Who is your favourite in Dr Who
21st Mar 13 19:31
Who here likes The Emperor's New Groove?Because I'm watching it right now on Disney Cinema magic !My favourite part is when the Emperor turns into a lama!It is sooooooooooooooo funnyyyyyyyyyy:):)
18th Mar 13 17:30
Who here watches Austin and Ally?!Did you see the new episodes?!Austin fell for a girl called Keira but the only problem was that her breath stunk. Then she got it fixed and he asked her out
16th Mar 13 21:12
Who here likes 1D!:)My favourite is Louis Tomlinson. My second favourite is Liam then Nial then Zayn and last of all Harry!:) Who is your favourite?:)!
23rd Feb 10 19:52
I broke my arm on friday at gym. It was very sore and out of shape. I went to the hospital on Friday and I got a temporary stookie on my arm. It was very very heavy. I went to another hospital on Satu...
19th Nov 09 14:13
My project at school is toys and what we are learning  the now is about  old toys and it is fun.


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