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The sky at night
Watching the solar eclipse at school
Dazzling Dogs funny photos on Red Nose Day 2015
What we did in P6 about internet safety
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An up-date on our progress
An up-date on our progress
An up-date on our progress
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a pop concert in Glasgow, just for guides : )
Learning to play ukulele - day 1 and 2
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27th Aug 14 11:15
Here is my new class. They are Primary 5. Here is a photo of them on their very first day back at school. I am looking forward to having a good year with them.
19th Mar 13 20:26
I couldn't believe my eyes! Ant and Dec dancing the River Dance - and doing it properly!!The River Dance is a very tricky Irish dance to learn. It is very hard to do any kind of Irish dancin
19th Mar 13 19:39
Woke up this morning and looked out of the window and saw snow!!!! Lots of it - everywhere. Piled up on the cars, covering everything. It looked beautiful, but that lovely thought only lasted for a we...
19th Mar 13 19:29
Today I had P6 - it was lovely to have my old class again. I decided before I look at the answers for the quiz, I would challenge the class to do the quiz and see how many we all get.We got
19th Mar 13 19:23
I love my new phone, but the covers I have had for it haven't lasted very well. I decided to try to get one that wrapped round it and hope that it will be a better fit and last longer!
19th Mar 13 19:19
Will we hear the patter of tiny panda feet? Again it is that time of year where they may be able to mate. It's hard that there is such a small window for this to happen in. It is very exciting to see
17th Mar 13 16:31
Happy St Patricks Day !I am well impressed with google's animated image today. I did a couple of print screens to show you - the Irish dancers are dancing!!!! Like River Dance!!!!I
16th Mar 13 19:27
I have renamed the cupboard under the stairs in my house! It is now known by us as "Harry's Room". Since we are all Harry Potter fans, this makes us all smile : )
16th Mar 13 19:18
I took a group from P6 to the Rothes Halls to take part in the Big Brain Book Quiz.There were over 300 people there, trying very hard to answer some very tricky questions posed by Fife Libra
16th Mar 13 19:15
Little Mix are going to be there this year - wow!As the year goes on, other people will get announced. It will be good, no matter what!
16th Mar 13 19:12
The tartan gig is a special pop concert just for Girl Guides. Last year I went with some Guides and it was amazing. The Loveable Rogues were there and were fab! Also we saw Scouting for Girl
16th Mar 13 19:01
Yipeeeeeee - Beth won!I have just watched the final, a week late. I tried very hard to not find out who won before I watched it, and I managed - phew!I was so chuffed that she won.
14th Aug 12 19:26
I have spotted a wild rabbit in my garden. Unfortunately it seems to enjoy eating our homegrown veggies!!!! It's like having our own Brer Rabbit in our garden. We will have to try to encourage it to g...
6th Jul 10 17:49
Hi everyone! We are all on holiday! What a fabulous feeling! Happy holidays!!! Hope whatever you get up to you have LOTS of fun!!! : - )
2nd Apr 10 21:21
Happy Easter! Enjoy your holidays and don't get too ill eating too much chocolate!

I gave up chocolate for lent so on Sunday I will eat chocolate for the first time in 47 days!!!!!! Not sure what I w...
3rd Mar 10 13:13
Hi - we are all doing stuff this week to do with world book day. I am struggling to think of what my favourite books are - too many to choose from - will try to think!
3rd Feb 10 18:23
Hi everyone. Hope you are gradually finding your way round the new site. I know it's not easy, there are still some hiccups. If you have a problem let me know - leave a comment for me, thanks.
3rd Jan 10 11:35
Happy New Year - 2010! May the new year bring you good health and happiness!



2nd Dec 09 22:13
All of us are up to our eyes at Tanshall with Christmas preparations. We are putting on a show called The Angry Hotel Man. It's a nativity but as usual we are putting our slant on it. We are adding so...
24th Nov 09 21:57
Hi - has anyone seen New Moon yet? Is it any good? Is it better than Twilight? I really LOVE the books but wasn't impressed with the film cos the actors didn't feel right! Would love to hear what peop...
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