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About Me
I am a Muslim. I like ninjas, they are cool and acrobatic. my birthday is on November 11/11 and now I am 12.My school is Ashcroft Tech Academy, I am in yr7. It is a fun and good school. They teach you so many cool stuff.I love horror stuff and games and my nick name is surprise all over. When I grow up I want to become a builder building Mosques or be a business man. My favourite sport is football and my favourite football team is chelsea and my favourite player is John Terry. I am one of the best defenders in the school. These are my top 5 favourite colours: 1.Blue 2.Pink 3.Gold 4.Orange 5.Green 6.Black and here are my greatest friends Exo, MoonBeam1, Graphic Corner News, RollerCoasterGirl, Drogba456 , Manutd101, Lionel Messi123, Jeff Hardy extreme, Racing cow, Darkhermit, German Shark Fighter, Justinmyworld10jb, Ronaldineo, Black4me ,Wisefire and Awooie ( I will add more people when they are great friends to me). But don't forget my favourite publishers are Amyjamjam and WendyElf. Last but not least I am a no.1 fan of Lemon Bubble. SO EVERYBODY KEEP UP THE COOL WORK!!


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My Blog
17th Mar 12 10:32
Sorry If I haven't been on radiowaves for ages. It's because I have had lots of homeworks to do and well lots of projects. Its so hard in Secondary School. But anyway since I'm back I will try 2 do my...
7th Apr 11 08:30
On Saturday I'm going to Pakistan I can't believe it. I'm going on P.I.A (Pakistan international airline) I 'm going to see my cousins and I'm going to ride a horse. I will write a diary and then I wi...
25th Feb 11 11:29
He is the best mate I've ever had since I got to radiowaves. He's is very clever and he is the best at drawing and he is on the top10. He made a thingy called Graphic Corner and his name Is Exo (Exogi...
3rd Feb 11 14:37
Today we were doing a Court case (it was a play). It was called Dennis The Menace. It was a different story than any other.It was when there was a theft. People said it was Dennis Lightfinge
24th Jan 11 18:51
Here are some more I made. Hope you like them.
20th Jan 11 17:21
There is a site I made with my cousin. Its like Graphix corner but it way different and its called Secret Text. With it you can make a logo, name etc. If you like to make a logo or a name etc you can ...
14th Jan 11 17:09
It's a great game I love playing it, its an online game. The game is called Adventure Quest Worlds. Every time there are different quests. I will try to make a video about it.On this game th
3rd Jan 11 09:47
I woke up and I thought it was 31 Dec but it was actually 1 Jan then I said to myself that's not true then my 2 sister came running to me and said its a new year then I said no. After we started to ha...
18th Dec 10 15:21
I really can't believe its snowing again I just went outside and played, there are more snow then before. When I went watched newsround (a news program) it said that there are more snow in Britain. Th...
17th Dec 10 18:21
Yesterday(16 December) It was a fun and exhausting day. You want to know what it is well I will tell you. It was the Riversdale Christmas party. We did so many fun activities like dice dare, pass the ...
15th Dec 10 11:18
Yesterday and Today (Tuesday 14 December and Wednesday) Riversdale had done the christmas play the play was very great I was narrator 4 I only had 2 lines Which I didn't really mind the play was for 1...
2nd Dec 10 11:22
I really cant believe but its not much lAll my 158 are the best Exogie, Moonbeam1, Justinmyworld10jb, Manutd101, my 2 sisters and so on I am very happy that I have over 150 freinds because that w
26th Nov 10 17:13
Can you please help me because I am running out of ideas and I need help. So please help me. It can be anything a blog, story, poll and more so please help me.I need something urgently
18th Nov 10 15:01
On Monday 15th I went to Ashcroft to do my application test they were a bit hard.But I tried my very best and I just hope I do well. I want to get in St Sciellaes ( Psss dont tell anyone I dnot k
7th Nov 10 10:29
Today is November 11 which means I am 11. I am so happy I want to dance about. Well today I am going to be very lucky because In Hindeleap Warren (thats where my birthday will be). Its going to b
30th Oct 10 17:42
Full name Nicolas Sébastien AnelkaNatinalityDate of birth 14 March 1979 Place of birth Versailles, FranceHeight 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)[3]Playing position Striker, Winger
30th Oct 10 17:31
Real Name: Didier Yves Drogba Tebily Nationality: Ivory CostBorn: 11 March 1978Age:32Birth Place: Abidjan, Cote d'IvoreHeight: 1.88mNumber shirt: 11Position: Striker
30th Oct 10 12:35
I like so many Fotball drawing. But here 4 are my favourite football pictures.
29th Oct 10 19:10
Real name: Frank James LampardBorn: 20 June 1978Nationality: EnglandHieght: 184cmWeight: 88kgPreviousClubs: West Ham utd, Swansea cit (loan)Position: Midfielder
29th Oct 10 09:15
Real name: John George TerryBorn: 7 December 1980Birth place: LondonHeight: 1.87MWeight: 90kgNationality: EnglandFoot use: RightLeague team: ChelseaNumber shirt
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