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After a performance that could have won him Man of the Match, we were lucky enough to speak with U's star Wordsworth
The nPower League 1 fixture at the Weston Homes Community Stadium...
Jack, Will and Glenn commentate on this nPower League 1 Fixture...
Videos portraying the story of the day...
I ask Torres_58 how his week has been at S2R
Some pictures taken from the BBC Essex Trip, GLFW20
An Interview With David Gregory, a Media Manager at Colchester United
Peter talks to me all about Bob Jones' Odds of Reaching 2012
People's Views of Tom Daley at London 2012
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25th Sep 10 18:18
As the wind bent the corner flags at the Weston Homes Community Stadium we settled into our Press Box seats and folded out note trays down. Glenn laid his man-handbag to rest beside him, the last of m...
21st Aug 10 16:17
David Bolarinwa. Athlete, record-holder, role model. On August 4th of this year, at the Lee Valley 100m Open Sprints Meet, David chased his dream down the track, the foudroyant athlete's effort w
27th Jun 10 19:06
Wielding a flip cam and some audio equipment, Glenn whizzes around the freshly cut oval which was to be the main stage for CRGS' top atheletes and James Mayes, catching footage of a relay foursome's t...
19th Jun 10 14:20
The rain splattered the windscreen of our coach, every droplet racing with the next to reach its greatest achievement: the bonnet. The wind howled and whistled through the open door. It was time. To f...
4th Jun 10 11:03
Ben Fryer to be exact, he's the sport journalist at BBC Essex. We took a trip to his dwelling in Chelmsford.
It's early Thursday morning, 9:30, at Norman Way, the coach screeched into the car park of...
2nd Jun 10 13:06
The title may seem slightly misleading, what am I talking about?
It's the second day at S2R, today we're going to learn all about interviewing, composing yourself when faced with the pressures of a p...
1st Jun 10 14:28
The olive-green attempt of a car slides into the car park. Lunch, check. Bag, check. Pen, check. Pad, check. We're ready to go. I stroll to reception, greeted by comments about my new hat, which i tho...
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