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24th Feb 13 20:21
Hi guys this blog I am going to write about what I did this week. On Friday I had a movie night I watch a movie called Hocus Pokus. My made popcorn and then poured butter over it. Later my brothe
28th Jan 13 18:32
This weekend I went to my cousins house for the day we spent most of the day inside because it was really rainy ( :( ) but after lunch we all went to Motherwell to play Lazer Quest. We played a team g...
22nd Jan 13 08:16
I didn't do much this week but on Saturday I went shopping with my mum and the she dropped me off at my friends. We stayed inside for a bit and then went out in the snow. It was great fun but it got s...
15th Jan 13 15:42
Hi I am writing this blog to tell you what I did this week. On Monday went to my gran' s house. We stayed over night. Then I went swimming. I spent the rest of the week reading on my Kindle fire HD. O...
8th Jan 13 11:42
On Christmas I woke up at 5:30am and was about to rush downstairs when I realized I wasn’t allowed down until 6:00am. At exactly 6:00 my little brother burst out of his room and woke us all up. After ...
12th Jul 12 16:10
Hey guys I went to my gran's house and while I was there I went to loans shores and bought some one direction magazines they came with posters. As soon as I got home I cover my room in them I also hav...
30th Jun 12 17:02
Today I went down to the Beverage Park, in Kirkcaldy, to have a picnic lunch. I went with my dad and my brother. My brother was wearing his roller skates because he wanted to skate on the skateboard r...
28th Jun 12 12:34
Today was the last day of primary six and we got to watch the p7 show. We also got to sign all the p7's shirts. A lot of people wrote kick me on the primary 7's shirts. After that we went back to our...
20th Jun 12 16:00
Hey everyone,Last Friday was the House of Anubis season finale. It was really good. It turned out that Eddie was the Osiran. Also that Sinkara wanted to take Nina into the afterlife with
26th Mar 12 20:02
I have started reading these new books called Vampire academy. They are about a girl called Rose and her best friend Lissa who are both vampires. Lissa is a Moiri and Rose is a dhampire. There is anot...
26th Jan 12 22:45
On Christmas I woke up at 6:00 in the morning and rushed downstairs to open my preasents. The first one I opened was the biggest and it was a T.V for my bedroom. Then I opened another present and it w...
12th Dec 11 14:04
At my house I have two advent calendars one chocolate and one playmobile. I get to go first, then my little brother is second and my big brother is third. It is really annoying because in my chocolate...
2nd Dec 11 20:48
In this blog I am going to tell you about the x-mas traditions.NOT.I just want to say one thing merry x-mas everyone.
30th Nov 11 10:34
In this blog I am going to tell you all about what happens in breaking dawn part one. The first part I am going to tell you about is the wedding. Bella and Edwards wedding is quite flowery and white ...
25th Nov 11 20:05
I now have 40 friends which means I only need 60 more to have 100! Please if you are not already my friend add me!
15th Nov 11 14:02
Breaking dawn comes out in 3 days all you twilight lovers watch out because the number one fans are coming to Town!!! Then we are going to have a party!!!
13th Nov 11 08:54
It's 5 days until twilight breaking Dawn part 1 comes out on the cinema!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8th Nov 11 14:45
In this blog I am going to tell you about all my best friends. They are Violingal18, simbacat, kittycat0201and Cubbie123 who r ur best friends?
7th Nov 11 20:56
In this blog I am going to tell you all about my favourite animals. I like Kittens because they are cute and playful:-D. I like Puppies because the are so tiny and make cute little sounds when you p...
7th Nov 11 20:44
In this blog I am going to tell you about my favourite TV programs. I like most programs here are the ones I enjoy the most: Suite Life on Deck, So Random, Wizards of Waverley Place, Hannah Montanna,...
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