28th Nov 12 19:41
As many of you know, Year 5 went on a trip to a Royal Home. I was lucky enough to go with them, and my job was to take the photographs! It was a very grey, wet London weather kind of day, and the ligh...
2nd Sep 12 15:06
I am sure you have all realised that Radiowaves has now changed its name to Makewaves. However if you do an online search for 'Radiowaves' you will still be able to find it! Your search will point you...
10th Jun 12 22:59
So much fun, and so many wonderful photos of the day were taken! I am putting them altogether in one of our great Smileboxes - here is a little taster!
7th Apr 12 23:05
Been so busy at my computer today, it almost hurts to sit on this seat for so long!Really wanted to finish the Smilebox for you all, so you can see the totally amazing hats everyone made.
4th Apr 12 18:36
I love this poster.... can you think of your own that gets the importance of punctuation across?
21st Oct 11 18:52
First day back at school today, after three weeks off! The time totally whizzed by, and being there today it actually felt like I'd only had a couple of days away.Everybody at school was tot
5th Oct 11 10:37
Back home from school, hungry and tired, but I knew I had a mission to do before I ate!I had handmade a wooden scroll keyring for someone, and I had to photograph it whilst the light was sti
3rd Feb 11 22:15
Today was a great day at Riversdale - we had a visit from two members of the SAFE team.Our reporters compiled various interesting open questions and then interviewed the Head (Christina), Am
24th Dec 10 14:58
Just found a 'Live Binder' with sooooooo many Christmas things to do on it, you will be kept really really busy!Check it our here:
20th Dec 10 11:45
As part of my research (I am building up a library of web links), I came across this comic generator. Well actually you can do a lot more than just that. I know how many Radiowaves just love to create...
13th Dec 10 22:51
I was stunned to catch a glimpse of this late newspaper edition tonight, and had to share it with you. Do you think they are talking about our school? What do you think?
11th Dec 10 23:43
Hiya - just been researching websites as I am putting together a 'LiveBinder' of interesting things to do. I found this most beautiful website, with loads of lovely things to make - o
2nd Dec 10 10:16
Cold, wet, yucky on the roads, and wet gloopy stuff from the sky. This intrepid adventurer sets out into the urban wilderness....10.18 am. Getting ready to put my pink wellies on and leave
20th Nov 10 14:00
Excitement! Riversdale is going to buy 8 new Vado HD video cameras - how cool is that! This is the same camera we shot the films at Hindleap Warren on - the quality is excellent. Every class in the sc...
3rd Oct 10 11:24
Radiowaves has a great search function - very helpful when you perhaps want to find out if anyone else on Radiowaves has written about.... hamsters.... or eating popcorn... or the latest football scor
29th Sep 10 20:01
Radiowaves have very kindly made LOADS of videos that explain to do all the many things you would like to do here - like make friends and write stories.....How to make a story:
12th Jul 10 23:16
Click on the image, then when you get to the gallery page with it on, click on the arrow/play button, and see how this image was made!If you fancy having a go at making your own,
19th Jun 10 22:27
I like this because it makes the world look a smaller place............. I have put one on our Riversdale media site so we can see that people from all over the world look at our pages!
14th May 10 23:20
I was asked how you can change the colours and look of your page - this is what I said:

Go to your title bar of anything of anything on your page, like 'my stories', or 'my blog', or 'about me'.
14th May 10 20:15
I have been coughing a little bit and spluttering a little bit, as I have had a cold. But due to the amazing capabilities of antibiotics which I got from the doctor today, I will be well enough to go ...
9th May 10 11:07
This is a great way of checking your spelling online! Just copy and paste everything you have typed (for instance, when you are preparing your story for Radiowaves). I use it a lot, as my spelling is...
4th May 10 11:47
Radiowaves are having a competition to name a ginger looking guinea pig! Check the story out here:

I am sure Riversdale, with all ...
3rd Apr 10 22:09
Thanks to Year 6, I always have lots to play with.... this is great fun! Except when you click on the red box and get taken to some random adverts...booooo.... - I do like the fact...
14th Mar 10 14:46
You might have seen that some of you have found the posting on our year 6 web pages that mention the software. But here are the links again.

Create an avatar – excellent tutorial with two free websi...
13th Mar 10 17:36
I have been researching on the web again (yes Flipper, I did have a break before I got a headache!) - and found something else you might like to try. Have a look at our website posting: http://rivers...