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21st Mar 11 10:02
Finally, Network news week has BEGUN! Starting with England! (that's us)So, what can you look forward to today? Well, we have a rap battle, a quiz, info on the upcoming Olympics, and intervi
3rd Mar 11 13:57
So, network news day soon, and we've got some truly awesome stuff lined up. Not only are my friends planning a quiz, but we are planning the ultimate network news day event...AN INTERNATIONA
19th Feb 11 14:16
English weather. It's famous around the world for being strange and unpredictable, and today was no exception. This morning, I stepped outside expecting to see a usual cold, grey, English morning, but...
16th Feb 11 15:01
So, Monday was valentines day. A day to be surrounded by love and couples holding hands. But this valentines day was different. There was a distinct lack of love all around me, and a lot more..sadness
23rd Jan 11 12:46
Hey, my name is Daniella, but you can call me Danni. I'm not sure what to write here, so I thought...why not write about myself? I'm an Olympic gold medallist. What event? The...er...S
My Stories
My Stories
Just a few questions about England's videos for Network News day!
Day 1 of Network News Week
The Republic of Greggs
Moustaches. Face Fuzz. Nose neighbour. Tash. Whatever you call them, theyre AWESOME!!!
A welcome from our team in England
We report on the loss of our physics result by AQA.
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