5th Dec 10 18:17
This is a theory of mine that, I believe, fits life all around us. Have a look at it to understand:Sociology (the society and culture of humans) is what comes first…Psychology (the
29th Oct 10 13:30
It has been a while since I had entered a competition, but here is one of my entry's for 'moonbeam1's' most recent competition. I call this picture I made on Paint 'Bonfire Beach'. It is supposed to s...
29th Oct 10 13:17
2 weeks ago from writing this blog I passed a whopper of 2000 comments! And already I'm 100 up from that. It's very interesting to look back at old comments and see how much everything that was being ...
29th Oct 10 13:11
My GOSH! 900! I can not believe I now have this many friends. I think I have the second most friends on Radiowaves (well at least 4th or 3rd as a few other users have just a bit more than me, 'salwaa2...
29th Oct 10 12:09
Ok, at the moment I have a lot of glitches going on my page. Firstly, I can't write to myself as the comment box had gone from both 'My Page' as well as when I view 'Wisefire' as a guest. This is the ...
7th Oct 10 16:13
GUESS WHAT RADIOWAVES:I HAVE BEEN PROMOTED TO THE UNDERGROUND HQ, THE MOLE'S STATION! Thank you Mole, a big thank you, for what you wrote in the Radiowaves’ E-mail and for doing such a thing
5th Sep 10 20:49
Sorry people, this is my first blog in over a month. This is because I have been rather busy this summer. I am planning new stuff. As written in an update to my profile, I will be on Radiowaves a bit ...
19th Jul 10 15:01
The summer (well, the time of summer, not the weather) has arrived! I have a prediction this summer will be a very long one; my first long summer since 2005. What do you think this summer will be like...
19th Jul 10 14:57
At 17/07/10 I reached 800 friends. Honestly now, it's not long till 1000! From the growth of 700-800, the quality of my friends have grown so thank you for being such great guys!
24th Jun 10 09:55
This is Winchelsea beach (looking towards the east). This beach has been used in quite a few films and movies and is a tourist hotspot. It is not far from Folkestone, Dover and Hastings.
24th Jun 10 09:51
This is the Dungeness radar, used in World War II. They aren't obviously used today, but they are quite spectacular to look at.
18th Jun 10 13:41
This is Dukes Quarry in Derby. It is a rather spooky place as many say there is an atmosphere of stepping back in time when here. Do you see what is meant via the picture? I do. The quarry was first u...
18th Jun 10 13:26

This is Bath Waters in Bath. The mysterious green waters used to be a public bath Romans over 1 millennium back would have bathed in...
18th Jun 10 13:21
This is Windsor Castle, one of the finest and most beautiful in the world. We can see it in a sunset in this image, and my GOD it looks so nice!
18th Jun 10 13:17
Bristol (and Bath) are like cities dedicated to history. I love them, and here is an example. A modern day housing area with houses from the Victorian era! You also have Bath Waters (coming in a futur...
18th Jun 10 12:13
The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a rather high and old bridge. A bit of a scary thing in my mind!
18th Jun 10 12:07
This is York Cathedral from a distance, a really rather spectacular place isn't it? Quite a contrast of heights in such a small area?
18th Jun 10 12:04
Conwy in Wales is one of the most beautiful spots in Wales, a really 'perfect' town.
18th Jun 10 10:07
This is Cambridge College, one of the finest in Britain. The sunset in this image is superb, and a very mesmerising one to.
18th Jun 10 10:03
This is Edinburgh Castle, and it has a grand history. Everyday at 1.00P.M for example, it apparently shoots its cannon to the sea (not with real ammunition obviously). This might have stopped a few ye...
18th Jun 10 10:00
This is where Parliament go to work, were they become grumpy, where they become tired. I really like the outside of the building but really hate the inside!
18th Jun 10 09:54
This is London from above! This picture is the perfect one for there is a clear depiction of the mix of both greenery and urbanisation, look closely to see what I mean...
18th Jun 10 09:44
This is the London Eye, and at a spectacular time! In the night, at Christmas!
16th Jun 10 09:10
This is the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. It is one of the world's most modern hospitals and can cater for literally everything! But the building is the thing to concentrate on; it is to...
15th Jun 10 13:42
Click here to listen to one of most beautiful song's (in my mind) in the world with one of the most AMAZING music video's to!

And here to listen to an INCREDIBLE remix of it!

Star Guitar is the n...