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Those relationships for the team make all the difference.
We hunt out a few of the players to watch at the Manchester United Premier Cup
Manchester United Premier Cup event, Alta Loma Arsenal vs Sutherland.
We take a look at the first Ghanaian skiier to be in the Winter Olympics!
S2R got an amazing experience with Team Manager John Herety cooking for his team
S2R reveal a preview of Wenlock and Mandeville
Out of a rainbow comes another 2012 winner. London Olympic and Paralympic mascots revealed!
S2R was present to witness the launch of the 6th Paralympic World Cup in Manchester, with the new addition of football
The National Badminton Championships
Manchester Volunteer Sport Bureau were awarded their Olympic Inspire Mark.
17 year old Faleauto Leuila won gold for America Samoa!
Reporters' reflections on the visit
We were lucky enough to lead the procession of athletes and counties at the final closing ceremony of the Pacific Mini Games. Here is an insight into the ceremony.
The passion and commitment of the Volunteers at the Pacific Mini Games make it a massive success and I hope this encourages you to get involved at London 2012
We went to CIFA stadium to catch up with the Niue touch rugby team
Any plans to visit Rarotonga? Here's a video of some of the best places on the Island! VOTE NOW!!!
Kiribati boxers reveal their hopes and dreams based on the Olympic Games.
Lewis and Pete did a quick voxpop at the CIFA stadium to find out what fans want to see at the 2012 games and their favourite Olympic moments
Athletes from across PAcific Islands spoke to us about their aspirations connected to The Mini Pacific Games
Welcome to Rarotonga, but what are we doing here?
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6th Aug 10 11:29
My week started getting up nice and early on a typically rainy day in manchester, and making my way down to LCCC, I wasn't 100% on what to expect when I was on my way but I thought it would be a brill...
18th May 10 00:09
It is hard to find a connection between the Olympics and Bolton, but the town has played a huge part of the London summer Olympics in 2012 ...

In case you haven't had a guess already Bolton was the p...
20th Nov 09 18:25

In the Cook Islands it was my job to Film a documentary-style video on the tourism aspect of the Island. The video was used on the official Pacific Mini Games' website and also use...
26th Sep 09 01:01
So the last time I spoke to you the games were yet to start, But now we are 5 days in and some sports have reached there climax and the first load of medals have been handed out, and not only tha...
21st Sep 09 19:37
Yesterday was day two of the trip and was another chilled out day. We started the morning with a bit of the now famous S2R Frisbee and ended it with a great video which is now online !

We also got ...
20th Sep 09 05:05
I am now coming towards the end of my first day here in the very sunny Rarotonga. Although we made a video it has been a really chilled first day which involved a lovely game of Frisbee in the great s...
18th Sep 09 06:39
We have just touched down in Dubai now after a “short” 5 hour flight, The Flight wasn’t as bad as what I was expecting really, it seemed to go a lot faster than thought and the enter...
10th Sep 09 16:38
For the Mini Pacific games 2009 I have been assigned to get my knowledge up to scratch and become an expert on two sports. My first sport was golf which I like to play every now and then, so I would c...
24th Jul 09 21:50
24th Jul 09 20:55
24th Jul 09 20:53
We were having a chat about climbing, sports and radiowaves technology. We are excited about our live link up laters! Does anyone have anything you'd like us to ask?
24th Jul 09 20:50
24th Jul 09 20:39
24th Jul 09 20:33
24th Jul 09 20:32
24th Jul 09 20:30
24th Jul 09 18:37
To sum it up in one word Today has been... 'amazing'! Just having the opportunity to climb helvellyn and meet a prince is unbelievable. He was really down to earth and easy to speak to. The climb took...
24th Jul 09 13:45
24th Jul 09 13:44
We'r here at the bottom of the valley, waiting with other journalists. We have just heard that we have been allowed to trek up the first half of the mountain with the centre point kids and HRH William...
24th Jul 09 13:41
Just stopping before lunch
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Helen Roberts says...
hi Lewis - great videos from you and all the team - daily ritual now to watch them, and really look forward to it! Question - any particular athletes that are making their mark? -- Paul and Helen Roberts
28 September 09
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