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this is a story leave comment on my page if you like it
I do but do you guys?! Tell me and I will get back to you!!!!!!!!!! He is so cool and I am doing baby for the talent show!!!!!! C ya!
This is the countdown challenge for our online radio show! Hope you like it!!!!!!!
Hi everyone this is bethilly hills here i would just like to inform u about the radio show me and a few other members of the South Parks radiowaves team are putting on very, very soon! As i say it will be awesome and here are a few things we will be doing
The Maximum Ride books I just discovered about two weeks ago whilst I was searching in Waterstones for good books that aren't littered with vampires. I read the first one which was incredibly wonderful. The books are about 6 kids, Max, Fang, Iggy,Nudge,Ga
The Radiowaves afterschool club are in the middle of creating their own radio shows - appearing online soon!!
Primary 6/7
Primary 6/7 have been busy writing their own scripts. They then went onto record, edit and publish their work. Enjoy.....and come back soon for the next chapter!!