14th Oct 14 19:27
Great Horrid Henry quiz this week. Thank you to the year 6 male members of our club! Fantastic ambience too! What more could you ask for? Mrs T
12th Oct 14 19:34
Hi all,I hope you enjoyed the quiz this week to test your knowledge of various genres!Don't forget to bring in any old magazines/comics for swapping with your fellow reading clubbers! Mrs T
30th Sep 14 18:10
Another good week of sharing ideas for interesting reads and plenty of poster making!It appears that it was a reading/ art club this week!
25th Sep 14 18:02
Lovely to see lots of faces at reading club this week! I hope you enjoyed our Roald Dahl special!Hope to see you all again next week to browse and borrow our great new readsMrs T
15th Sep 14 16:35
Hi allHow quickly did that first reading session finish? Time flies when your'e having fun, hey?I will hopefully have a library quiz prepared for next week so I hope you will all be there. Also,rememb...
3rd Mar 14 07:02
Our special partnership with the Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club goes from strength to strength. All parties are benefitting greatly from this mutual commitment. The new signing, Paul Clough, is our ...
21st Nov 13 13:46
I had my knuckles soundly rapped by Mr C about not keeping my blog up to date on here! I am afraid that what I was doing was just writing to Twitter and FB instead of to makewaves! So I promised him t
25th Jun 13 08:43
You are probably aware that we now have aTwitter account for our school. We took this step to try to extend the range of communications media and in the interests of, hopefully greater efficiency!We ...
23rd May 13 16:58
Hi!My name is SA6Lynch and since I have moved to Bankfield, I've really taken on French and PE. As many of you will know, I used to absolutely hate sport: but I love it now. I played rounders on Wedne...
16th Apr 13 08:05
I am delighted to be able to tell everybody that our school has achieved yet another prestigious award for the work we do! On 29th April, Mrs Swain, Liam, Poppi and I will be going to the House o