Year 3

Year 3 have been creating their own Recipes for Autumn using lots of great seasonal adjectives
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Why did pirates say
I have found out the answer to Why do pirates say ARGH.
By niamh mccafferty
By Isabel mccafferty
Why do Pirates say 'Aargh'
Why did pirates say
Why do pirates say ARRRRR
My Research on why do pirates say aargh
Look at our Pirate Island...
I made this from a kit in school
Lets be pirates...
Welcome to Pirate Island Y3 and Y4!!! We hope you find out all about our Pirate adventures here.
We have been Woring On The Pappy Garrett stort So I Did A PlayScript On It.
This is my Biography of Pappy Garrett
This my pitched instrument
Diary of a Wimpy Kid by:Jeff Kinney
Title:Bill's New Frock.By:Anne Fine.
Title: Bill's New Frock By: Anne Fine
Y3 Survey
Which Kitchen Roll do you use....?
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Thank you to everyone
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